S&R's Halloween and Party Deals This October.

In my calendar, October means the start of Christmas gift shopping, parties, and of course, Halloween!  Let me share with you some deals T and I saw at S&R last weekend.

If you have inaanaks or pamangkins, these gigantic Animal Plush Toys are on sale for PhP1,299.95 (regular price: PhP1,499.95).

To show you how big these toys are, compare their sizes to me and T :D

The 1L Johnny Walker is priced at PhP1,004.95 and it comes in a nice box with a free glass so you can give it as a gift to your dads, uncles, or bosses.

If you're planning to have a party, I suggest getting the 4-pack 1L Johnny Walker instead, which is priced at PhP6,559.95.

And if you buy the pack, you get a free carry-on luggage!

For whisky drinkers, the 2-pack 12-year old 1L Chivas Regal is priced at PhP2,399.95 and it comes with a free messenger bag.

Wines are on sale too!  Lindeman's has a Buy 2, Get 1 promo on their 750ml Chiraz Cabernet and 750ml Cabernet Merlot for PhP549.95.

Pair that with Emborg cheeses, which are on sale as well!  Emborg Mozarella is now PhP199.95 (regular price: PhP249.95), Emborg Gouda Sliced Cheese is priced at PhP151.95 (regular price: PhP189.95), and Emborg Cheddar is only PhP183.95 (regular price: PhP229.95).

Since October 31 is just around the corner, the chocolates and candy aisle is overloaded with sweet Halloween nibbles! This Nestle Wonka Assorted Halloween pack containing Nestle Crunch, Gobstopper, Nerds, and Butterfinger is on sale for PhP849.95 (regular price: PhP999.95).

There's also a 150-pc Nestle Assorted Chocolates pack of Nestle Crunch, Butterfinger, and Babe Ruth which is on sale for PhP899.95 (regular price:1,099.95).

The 100-pc Hershey Halloween Assorted pack with Heath, Reese's, Almond Joy, and Whoppers is on sale for PhP699.95 (regular price: PhP799.95).

This pail of Ghost Marshmallows for trick of treat is only PhP129.95.

I don't know how much this bottle of Utz Halloween Mini Cheese Balls is because I just found it among the stack of chocolates but it seems like another good buy!

All of these deals are only for the month of October so if you see anything you like, head on over to the S&R branch nearest you.   Happy shopping!

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