Acacia Hotel (part 5): Breakfast Buffet at Acaci Restaurant.

...continued from (part 4): A Steakhouse and Tree Top Lounge.

The next day, T and I have the breakfast buffet at Acaci, which is included with our stay.   Since there are a lot of dishes, I'll just go through my favorite parts of the buffet so you can see what Acacia Hotel has to offer.

The first thing T and I look for during breakfast is bacon.  We can live on bacon and bacon alone.  And guess what? It's also what's first in line in Acaci's breakfast buffet! 

Beside the bacon tray are pizza and ham.  Yes, pizza for breakfast!  My kind of buffet ;)

Next to these dishes are assorted sausages with different sauces.  I noticed that there are labels for everything including the condiments, which was my only "complaint" during my last visit to Acaci  (read my blog post about Acacia Hotel Alabang's Buffet at Acaci).  Good job with this Acacia Hotel!

I am very particular with how my eggs are cooked which is why I appreciate this station where there are photos and labels showing the different ways eggs could be cooked. 

Next is the station for hot noodle soup.

In the middle are the main dishes, as well as Filipino breakfast favorites like corned beef, tapa, and of course, rice.

There are also bread, pancakes, waffles, pastries, and cookies for people like me who can't eat rice, but need their sweets, in the morning.

Again, I notice that there are labels on everything from the fruit preserves to the syrups.  Well done :)

I also love how there is yogurt!  Next to coffee, yogurt is my must-have in the morning.  I mix it with granola, muesli, or oat bran because I want that crunch while I eat.  As long as I have my coffee and yogurt, I can work for a long time, even without water or food.  Parang cactus lang :D

Oh my gosh, they have champorado!  For my non-Filipino readers, champorado is boiled sticky rice mixed with cocoa powder, milk, and sugar.  It's really good!

Since this is a breakfast buffet, I'm pleasantly surprised to see stations for salad, cold cuts, and maki.

There is also a station for coffee and tea.  The best part? There are options for milk: whole and low fat!  Not all breakfast buffets have this.  

There is a wide selection of juices as well.. Orange, strawberry, honey wheatgrass, and black currant.

But if you're into fresh juices, you'll be happy to know that there is a juicing station!  This is another thing I haven't seen in other breakfast buffets.

And for their anniversary, Acacia Hotel has a 4+1 Buffet Deal for Acaci Restaurant.  For every four buffet paying guests, one guest will get to dine for free!  This is only valid for the month of October so plan your get-togethers accordingly ;)

So this ends my staycation series at Acacia Hotel.  Thank you so much Marla, Nikki, and the rest of the team for treating us to this stress-free and relaxing vacation!  We hope to see you all again soon :)

Thumbs Up!
The Dream Bed, a customized orthopedic bed with memory foam top.
A Pillow Concierge who offered us pillows specialized to our needs.
Complete toiletries, bathrobes, and bedroom slippers.
Iron and ironing board.
Gym, spa, jacuzzi, and swimming pool (separate kiddie pool and lap pool).
Free wi-fi.
Free shuttle to Alabang commercial areas.

Lurra Wellness Spa
Good rates for body scrubs and massages.
The private couples massage room overlooking the city.

Nice al-fresco vibe at Tree Top Lounge.
Good steak and sea bass at A Steakhouse.
Knowledgeable server named Alaizza of The Lobby and A Steakhouse who answered all of our questions about the food and the menu.

Thumbs Down
Nothing really.

Even if Acacia Hotel is just a few minutes away from my house, I felt like I was on a vacation somewhere far away.  And yet, it still feels like a home away from home.  Special mention to some people who made our staycation stress-free: Manel of guest services, Alaizza of The Lobby and A Steakhouse, Michelle of Tree Top Lounge, Edu and Alaiza of Acaci Restaurant, and Lloyd and Tommy of guest services.  Thank you!  T and I hope to be back soon :)

The End.

Acacia Hotel
Staycation Date: 27-28 August 2015

Contact Information

5400 East Asia Drive cor Commerce Avenue
Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa

Tel No.: (02) 720-2000
              (02) 588-5888

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Twitter/Instagram: @acaciahotels


Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday

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