The San Diego County Fair in Del Mar and the Slingshot Ride.

I went to visit my sister in San Diego last year but I was (and still am) only able to write about the trip sporadically. To see my other blog posts about that trip, click on the label US Trip in 2014.

My sister and I are adrenaline junkies so when I visited her in 2014, we decided to go on this infamous ride called the Slingshot at the San Diego County Fair.  You know those funny videos on Facebook where people pass out or go apesh*t while on the ride?  Yup that's the one.  I wanted to try the Slingshot during my trip to Guam but I was wearing a dress so it was a no-go (read my blog post about my Guam trip).  But finally, after four years, here I am!

Before we go into all that though, let me take you on a tour around the fair grounds.

In 1880, a group of people organized a county fair in San Diego bringing farmers together.  It was the kind of fair where there were awards for the best crops, the fastest horse, and the most delicious pie.   The fair became a tradition until World War II but when the war ended, the fair resumed and was held annually until the present day.  It's now known as the Del Mar Fair or the 
San Diego County Fair.

Aside from purchasing an ticket to enter the fair, you also have to buy ride tickets.  It's not that expensive though at 75 cents per ticket.  

The better deal is to get a bundle of 28 tickets for $20 or 72 tickets for $50.  Go to the the link at the end of this post to learn how to buy tickets to the San Diego County Fair.

My sister and I go to four of the scariest rides, not counting the Slingshot.  This one is called Mach 1 and is my favorite.  My sister got dizzy here though.

This is another ride we went on.  It's my turn to get dizzy because of all the spinning.  I don't mind going back and forth like a pendulum but spinning while doing so? And did I mention that our chairs flip over and over again.  So it's like spinning times three.  Yikes.

Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the two other rides because I got too dizzy with the last one.  But here are some of the other rides at the fairgrounds.

We still have a few tickets left after going on the four scariest rides so we use it to see the Haunted Mansion, reminiscent to those horror houses in the peryas we have back in the Philippines (read my blog post about the old fashioned carnival in Molito Alabang).

There's also bungee jumping.  My sister have always wanted to do this since we were kids but the Slingshot is already our adrenaline pumping adventure. Bungee jumping could wait another day.

If you're not into rides, you can just play the traditional fair games and win a really cute stuffed toy!

I want this unicorn but it's a basketball game and I'm not an expert at it.  But T would probably win in an instant!

Next to the rides, food being sold at fairs are my favorite.   The combinations are crazy and sinful but yummy!

I first order Roasted Corn with huge cobs good enough for two people.  But of course, I finish one all by myself :D

Take a look at that... KRISPY KREME BURGER AND FRIED OREO.  These two deserve to be underlined and written in CAPS!!!!  No explanation needed.

Less sinful than that those two is chocolate covered bacon.  Hmmm... I'm justifying my choice but I need that chocolate covered bacon in my life so I go for it.

I'm totally burnt from spending the past few days with my high school friends on the beach without sunblock.  Yes, all day from morning til the evening with no sunblock.. Ouch!  I should take care of my skin more.

I also want this Giant Smoked Turkey leg...

...and these pretzels.  Ok, I will definitely puke while on the Slingshot.  Good luck!

On the other hand, my sister has her eye on the Texas Tater Twisters.  They're so good!

As if those aren't enough eye candy, here are more food booths.  Warning: Stop reading here if you haven't eaten yet.  I myself am getting hungry while writing this post.  

My sister and I decide to walk around a bit before heading over to the Slingshot to make sure we don't throw all of that food up.  Luckily, we chance upon an exhibit dedicated to The Beatles for Ringo Starr's birthday!

Even people like me who isn't a die hard Beatles fan (I do listen and appreciate their music but I don't know all the words to their songs) will find the exhibit very interesting.

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Near the Slingshot area is the announcement for the opening of the Scream Zone.  Too bad I won't be in San Diego anymore for this.

After all that walking, my sister and I take turns on the massage chair.  It only costs 50 cents for a massage and it really helps relax tired feet!

And for the main event... the Slingshot Ride!  This steel orb is where my sister and I will be strapped until we are catapulted 200 feet into the air at 100 miles per hour.  Yes, 100 miles per hour!

Here's our video while on the ride. I will be uploading more personal videos to my YouTube channel so don't forget to subscribe by clicking HERE :)

Before going home, we ride the Ferris Wheel to get a good view of the fair at night.  It's the perfect way to end our trip to the San Diego County Fair.

For more information about the fair, visit the San Diego County Fair's official website at or their Facebook page at


  1. looks like fun! the rides look scary! i just started blogging again too (after 4 freaking long years).


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