Pico De Loro at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Everyone has been in such a bad mood lately with the heavy rains, bad traffic, and horrible news that fill, not only my TV screen, but also my Facebook wall.  It seems like every news bit is either annoying or depressing!  So to counter the blues away, I am going to try to create a little bit of virtual sunshine here by sharing about our trip to Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club last April.   

If you're looking for a quick getaway during the weekend which won't involve flying to a destination, Pico De Loro in Hamilo Coast is a great pick.  It's only a 2 to 3 hour drive, depending on traffic, from Metro Manila to Nasugbu, Batangas.

My neighbor and volleyball teammate Joy celebrates her birthday in Pico de Loro every year but because of my schedule, T and I always don't get to go.. Until this year!  Actually, we still almost didn't make it since T got confined in the hospital a week before but I think God knew I needed a break and T recovered quickly so we pushed through with the trip.

Driving Directions To Pico De Loro

There are many ways to get there but we chose the Cavite route.    We drove through Daang Hari (if you're coming from Manila, you can also take the Cavitex) to get to Kawit then we took the Bacao Road to get to Tejero.  When you see a Petron gas station, take the road going to the town of Tanza.  Go straight and pass through Naic until you reach Ternate.  Just follow the main road leading to Puerto Azul.

T and I got sentimental when we saw the sign of Puerto Azul.   My family used to go there when I was younger and T said his family did too.  Who knows? Maybe we already saw each other when we were babies :D

After passing Puerto Azul, we turned left towards the Kaybiang Tunnel.  T pulled to the side so I can take a photo.  Don't stop in the middle of the road because of a lot of cars and bikes pass through this tunnel.   

We continued on the scenic route until we reached the Hamilo Coast main gate.  You can't imagine how happy I was when I saw this view.  Much needed Vitamin Sea!!!  Just what the doctor ordered.


Pico de Loro is a members-only beach resort and club. My friend Joy is a member so she took care of everything for us but non-members can also access the resort through other members who are renting out their condos. However, since it is a country club, non-members have to pay fees for the use of Pico de Loro's facilities.   Guests will be given bracelets such as these to access areas like the pool or the beach.

If you want to see the condo units available for a couple of nights stay in Pico De Loro, check out AirBnb. If you click on this link, you'll get PhP1,172 ($25) off your first booking!  And that link works for any booking even if it's not in Pico De Loro so save it :)

There is also a hotel in Pico De Loro called Pico Sands with rooms overlooking this man-made lagoon.  You can check for hotel rates and room availability here:

Pico De Loro Beach Club

After T and I met with our friends and settled in, we all went to the Pico de Loro's Beach Club.

The beach has a 1.5 kilometer shoreline and is surrounded by mountains.

The jellyfish warning sign was up but everyone was still swimming and seemed to be fine.

Some of us swam but I chose not to risk it and stayed in the swimming pool.  I was stung by a jellyfish when I was in Bohol with my law school blockmates and it's one experience I don't want to go through again! 

After the sun set, we all left for dinner.

Joy's birthday dinner was held at the Sun Coral Cafe which is the seaside grill of the Beach Club.

After dinner, we all showered then went back to the bar by the beach called Reef Bar for Joy's birthday salubong.

Joy doesn't really drink so we had to convince her to try these cutesy patootsy jell-o shots.

And when the clock struck midnight... Everyone sang Happy Birthday!

Pico De Loro Country Club

The next day, we spent the morning at the pool area of Pico De Loro's Country Club.

It was a really hot day so we all got watermelon shakes (a favorite of ours during this trip!).

So that ends our trip to Pico De Loro and I hope this little bit of virtual sunshine helped counter the Monday blues away :)

Thank you again neighbor Joy for a fun filled weekend!

Pico de Loro
Visit Date: 25 April 2015

Pico De Loro Cove
Hamilo Coast
Nasugbu, Batangas

Tel No.: (02) 945-8000

Official Website

Facebook Page

Check out room rates and availability at Pico Sands Hotel here:

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