Gyumon Yakiniku Restaurant in Makati.

Since I've been using my Macbook Air more than my iMac desktop computer, my laptop has been flashing warnings that its internal storage memory is getting low.  Today, the storage is almost at zero so I had to back up to another storage device.  And that's when I saw a zillion photos I haven't uploaded on Facebook and a number of places I wanted to blog about but wasn't able to.  So I'll try to write about them one by one, starting with this authentic Yakiniku restaurant in Makati called Gyumon.   

After an event in Rustan's Makati (read my blog post about Swarovski's 2014 Fall Collection), T picks me up and we go to Pasay Road to look for a good Japanese restaurant.

I want to show you what Gyumon looks like inside and how almost everyone is Japanese except for me and T (which is a sign that food is good in a restaurant) but after snapping pictures of my plate and the sauces served to us, our server apologetically tells me that taking of photos is not allowed.  The only exception is when the guests, in our case me or T, are included in the photo.  So because of that, you'll see more of our faces in this blog post :D

Our server gives us three types of condiments and sauces: Crushed Garlic, Sweet and Spicy (this is really spicy), and Spicy Miso.

We are also given complimentary cabbage salad as our starter but when I see that there is Kimchi (PhP150/$3.20+SC) in the menu, I ask for an order.    Gyumon's Kimchi is good and very spicy.   I like it.

For our meat, we ask our server for recommendations.   After laying out the usual best sellers, we order Jo Karubi (PhP550/$11.72+SC) which is prime rib meat, premium Jo Harami (PhP580/$12.40+SC), and Eringi Karubi (PhP180) which is Eringi mushroom slices with special house sauce.

We also order Karubi Soup (PhP330) which is extra spicy soup of beef ribs.

Thumbs Up!
Good authentic Yakiniku that won't break your budget.
Friendly and helpful servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing much except that it gets full and is only open for a few hours every day.

If you're looking for an authentic Yakiniku place and don't mind not being able to Instagram your food, Gyumon Restaurant is worth a try.

Gyumon Yakiniku Restaurant
Dining Date: 8 November 2014

Contact Information

Makati Creekside Mall
Amorsolo St
Legaspi Village
Makati City

Tel No.: (02) 819-0361

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
4:30pm - 10:30pm

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