#loveSnR: S&R's Members Treat Sale from Sept 25-30.

One thing people don't know about me is that I love grocery shopping.  It may not be obvious since I don't cook, except for the occasional pancakes and omelets, but I do enjoy going to the supermarket.   One of my favorite groceries is S&R, which is actually having a Members Treat Sale only until today!

The San Diego County Fair in Del Mar and the Slingshot Ride.

I went to visit my sister in San Diego last year but I was (and still am) only able to write about the trip sporadically. To see my other blog posts about that trip, click on the label US Trip in 2014.

My sister and I are adrenaline junkies so when I visited her in 2014, we decided to go on this infamous ride called the Slingshot at the San Diego County Fair.  You know those funny videos on Facebook where people pass out or go apesh*t while on the ride?  Yup that's the one.  I wanted to try the Slingshot during my trip to Guam but I was wearing a dress so it was a no-go (read my blog post about my Guam trip).  But finally, after four years, here I am!

Before we go into all that though, let me take you on a tour around the fair grounds.

Staycation at Nobu Hotel in City of Dreams Manila.

The first time I stayed in Nobu Hotel was when I arrived from Bali (read my blog posts about my birthday trip to Bali) and right before I left for the States so I can spend time with my mom via a staycation.

#CravelistatTuscany Instagram Contest.

Remember my post about ten unique and drool-worthy dishes at McKinley Hill?  You can win GCs from these restaurants through the #CravelistatTuscany Instagram Contest.  All you have to do is regram the featured Cravelist dishes for the week, tag five (5) of your friends, and include the official hashtag #CravelistatTuscany!

#CravelistatTuscany: 10 Drool-Worthy Dishes To Discover in Tuscany at McKinley Hill.

Whatever it is that you're looking for, there is always something for you at the restaurant row of Tuscany at McKinley Hill.   Let's take a closer look at 10 unique food offerings I've tried, as well as what this dish is that I wanted to attack with a giant fork ;))

Pico De Loro at Hamilo Coast in Nasugbu, Batangas.

Everyone has been in such a bad mood lately with the heavy rains, bad traffic, and horrible news that fill, not only my TV screen, but also my Facebook wall.  It seems like every news bit is either annoying or depressing!  So to counter the blues away, I am going to try to create a little bit of virtual sunshine here by sharing about our trip to Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club last April.   

Yuujin Japanese Cuisine in Greenhills.

There must be something with September because around the same time last year, I remember being stuck in really bad traffic too.  I attended a meeting in the Malacañan compound which lasted longer than expected so I wasn't able to eat breakfast and lunch.  They served food and snacks but I found it hard to eat and to participate at the same time.  

After the meeting, T picked me up but traffic was so bad, he had to find alternate routes and somehow we ended up in Greenhills. I told T I was dying of hunger so he suggested that we try Yuujin Japanese Cuisine.

Locavore Kapitolyo: A Filipino Restaurant.

I heard there are a number of good restaurants in Kapitolyo so when T and I were in the area after watching the 2015 Under 23 (U23) women's volleyball in Ultra, we went to a Filipino restaurant called Locavore.

Gyumon Yakiniku Restaurant in Makati.

Since I've been using my Macbook Air more than my iMac desktop computer, my laptop has been flashing warnings that its internal storage memory is getting low.  Today, the storage is almost at zero so I had to back up to another storage device.  And that's when I saw a zillion photos I haven't uploaded on Facebook and a number of places I wanted to blog about but wasn't able to.  So I'll try to write about them one by one, starting with this authentic Yakiniku restaurant in Makati called Gyumon.   

After an event in Rustan's Makati (read my blog post about Swarovski's 2014 Fall Collection), T picks me up and we go to Pasay Road to look for a good Japanese restaurant.

Frank's Hotdogs and Craft Beers at Resorts World Manila.

One day, because of a horrendous traffic situation, T and I end up in Resorts World Manila.  It's been a while since I've been there and I am surprised with how much it changed!  There are many restaurants I haven't tried yet which is perfect since T and I are hungry.  We want something quick though so we go to Frank's Craft Beers.