Lebron James in Manila: Rise Beyond Belief.

To be honest, I'm not much of a Lebron fan and even rooted for Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors during the last NBA finals but Lebron James IS Lebron James and an opportunity to watch him in action is not something to be missed.  So yesterday, I went along with T and his friends (thank you Jino!) to see The King, who is here for the Nike Rise Program, at the Mall of Asia Arena.

After his introduction, Lebron first took a seat to watch two teams composed of former and current UAAP players (Chris Newsome, Thirdy Ravena), PBA players (Jef Chan, Jared Dillinger, Chris Ellis, Cliff Hodge, Sol Mercado, RR Garcia), and Nike Rise players, plus Kobe Paras.

Then during the last 6 minutes of the game, people cheered on Lebron to join the game.  And he did!

Here are some of the videos I took of Lebron in action.  On that note, I just opened a YouTube account where I'll be uploading more personal videos (which I don't usually write about here in my blog) so subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking here if you want to get updates :)

Towards the end of the program, Lebron signed basketballs and threw it to the crowd.  I was really feeling lucky that night but I pulled my quads during a volleyball game so I can't really walk, much less jump.  So T asked me to step aside so he could cover my spot also.  I guess he was feeling lucky too.  And what do you know?  T got one of the autographed balls.

T with his nephews who are so happy their Tito caught the ball.

T's sister Michelle with her kids.

OOTD: Top - Cotton On | Pants - H&M

Catch Nike Rise on TV5 every Sunday at 6pm.  Happy Friday everyone! :)


  1. Oh wow!!! I was at the upper box so there's no chance of getting an autographed ball. But to be able to watch the event live was a wonderful treat itself. I'm not a Lebron fan and yesterday I became one.

    1. Ya, super lucky! It was a nice event too :)


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