Wood Watches by JORD.

Looking for a gift for yourself or a loved one?  Check out JORD wood watches!  JORD ensures that the intricacy and multiplicity of the wood pieces they use are as distinctive as the owner.   Even the box is so pretty and could be a gift in itself already!

This is the Fieldcrest in Zebrawood and Maple which is a classic midsize watch with a monochromatic wood face, bezel, and strap.  It has a deployment buckle with push button and is made of scratch resistant mineral.  

Since my sister and I scheduled a few road trips during the next few weekends, my JORD watch became our official time keeper.

I love how my JORD watch goes with all of my outfits.  Here I am wearing a dress I got in Bali and my wood watch still matches it perfectly.

With my sister Sab and her dog Speedyboyboy in Salvation Mountain.

At a cliff overlooking the Coachella Valley and San Andreas fault.

And here I am wearing a romper from Cotton On and jelly sandals from Holster with my JORD watch.   

In the town of Julian.

Loving my JORD watch!

JORD watches can also be taken from day to night.  I wore mine while shopping during the day and then while having cocktails in Matchbox Palm Springs.

I also wear my JORD watch during daily trips to the mall and would get lots of compliments from strangers and sales associates, "Excuse me, is that wood? How beautiful!" then I'd explain about JORD and where they could buy this wooden watch.

JORD believes that people who buy their watches don't just have somewhere to be, they have somewhere to go.  And from experience, I'd say that's true.

Check out the other designs of JORD watches at www.woodwatches.com.  You can also follow them on Instagram @woodwatches_com.


  1. That looks cute! Is it water proof?

    1. Hi! Since it's wood, you can't submerge it in water. But it's splash proof :)


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