Applebee's Grill and Bar: There's No Place Like The Neighborhood.

No, I didn't take this photo in the Philippines.  But I heard they're opening an Applebee's in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) this year, which is great!  When we were younger, we used to eat in Applebee's often because it's close to my Dad's house in NorCal.  So when my sister Sab and I found ourselves in an area with an Applebee's, we went there to have dinner.

Applebee's has a good ongoing deal.  It's $20 or $25 (depending on your choice) for two side salads/one appetizer to share and two full-size entrĂ©es!

My sister isn't the salad type so instead of getting two salads, we choose an appetizer to share.  We split the Boneless Wings into two flavors since my sister prefers the Honey BBQ (right) while I prefer the Hot Buffalo Sauce (left).

For my main, I order the Baby Back Ribs which comes with fries and coleslaw.  There are three kinds of sauces for the ribs: Asian Chile, Smoky Chipotle, and Honey BBQ.  I pick the Honey BBQ because it's the tried and tested formula of Applebee's.

For her main, my sister orders the House Sirloin which comes with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

The sirloin is 7oz but there's an option to upgrade it to 9oz just for $3, which is what my sister did.

The servings are so big that we are not able to leave room for dessert.  Here we are on our way home with happy tummies.  Can't wait for the Applebee's in Manila to open!

On a different note, I've been thinking about how I'm going to go about blogging about my US trip this year when I still want to blog about my US trip last year.  When blogging OCD strikes!  I guess I'll just write whatever I feel like writing and tag blog posts about my US trip last year as US Trip 2014 and this year as US Trip 2015.   So you can just click the links and read about them and my OC self is satisfied :D

Thumbs Up!
Big servings.
Value for your money.
Fast service.
Attentive server.
Homey atmosphere.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

I've always associated Applebee's with happy childhood memories so eating here is like walking down memory lane. I can't wait for Applebee's to open in Manila!

Applebee's Grill and Bar
Dining Date: June 2015

To look for a location near you, 
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