Staycation at Crown Towers in City of Dreams Manila.

There are three hotels in City of Dreams Manila-- Nobu Hotel, Hyatt, and Crown Towers.  They say Crown Towers is the most luxurious of the three and fortunately, my mom let me tag along with her and her friends during their staycation there.

Let me give you a tour..  This is the bedroom.

I like the reading light slash speakers attached to the headboard.  I always read before sleeping so this is always a plus for me.

But what I like even better is that we have our own coffee machine in the room!!

And the coffee is really good.   You can choose from not-so-strong, strong, and decaf.

This is the mini bar.  There's also a fridge.

Every room has a breakfast nook and a day bed.  Please excuse my mom's crutches.  She can't walk without them.  She might have to undergo surgery soon that's why staycations are good for her.  

This is the bathroom.

There is a complete set of toiletries by the sink, including a foldable brush, ponytail, and shaving kit.

Let's get out of the room and tour the other facilities of Crown Towers.  Here is the Fitness Center. 

It's been a while since I went to the gym but I wish I brought clothes for working out.

This is the swimming pool area and is exclusive only to Crown Towers.  If you stay in Crown Towers, you can still access Nobu Hotel and Hyatt pools but not vice versa.   I love how it's lighted at night.

This is how the pool area looks during the day.

This is my favorite part because I love service extras.  In-house hotel guests who use the pool are given refreshment kits composed of fruits, shooters, bottles of water, and Evian spritzers.   You can also borrow Christian Dior sunglasses in case you forgot to bring a pair.

There are pool cabanas that could be rented for a fee. Although it's not very crowded in Crown Towers since the pool is exclusive to in-house guests, I would still get this if I'm planning to stay by the pool the whole afternoon.  There's a television set inside the cabana and you get access to a smaller pool.

Here is a bird's eye view of the area. The jacuzzi is on the left, the main swimming pool is on the right, the pool cabanas and the exclusive pool for the cabanas are in the center.

Thumbs Up!
Own coffee machine in the room.
Complete set of toiletries.
Nice pool area (exclusive use is a super plus!).
Pool refreshment kit with Evian spritzer and Christian Dior sunglasses.
Wifi in the room and in the public areas.

Thumbs Down!
There's no access to the main building of City of Dreams unless you are a casino VIP member.   But a golf cart can take you to and from any time.

I would love to stay here again!

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Staycation Date: April 2015

City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue cor Roxas Boulevard
Entertainment City
Manila, Philippines 

 Tel No.: +63 (2) 800-8080

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Instagram: @cityofdreamsmanila


  1. What kind of room did you reserve? The bed looks really comfy. I'm staying their myself next month, are the golf cart rides free and is it available 24 hours? Is the pool view better or the bay view? and lastly heard some horror stories regarding the WIFI is it stable in your stay? Sorry for the many questions.

    1. Hi Noel! I'm not sure about the room because I just went with my mom but I think it's the Resort Room with 2 Queen beds. I've tried to ride the golf cart late at night and they still have service although it may not be 24 hours. I prefer the pool view and the wifi has been very stable since there's a separate connection (with own username and password) for in-house guests. Hope this helps!


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