Crafternoons PH's Brush Lettering with Anina Rubio.

I've always been into arts and music but given my educational background (business/corporate) and current profession (law), I don't get to do anything related to it at all.. Which is why I was ecstatic when my friends Patty Cuyugan of and Mish Aventajado of invited me to Crafternoons PH's Brush Lettering Workshop with Anina Rubio at Neil's Kitchen in Westgate Alabang.

Patty and Mish closed the sign up sheet early but a lot of people were still asking and inquiring up until the last minute.  Come the day of the workshop, Neil's Kitchen is overflowing with participants.

We first introduce ourselves and share why we signed up for the workshop.  The best answer comes from the only guy in attendance.  He said he went to surprise his girlfriend and naturally, everyone claps after his spiel :D

Anina starts us out with writing exercises, reminiscent of our grade school days.

While everyone is busy with the exercise, Anina goes around to make us try the other pens she owns.

Aside from learning brush lettering, it is also nice to make new friends and to reconnect with people I haven't seen in a while.

With Patty and her friends.

Me, Anina, and Czarina Platon-Mallari.

In between the exercises, Mish picks out names for the raffle.

The lucky ones are given gifts from Stabilo and Zig Philippines.

Before going into the final writing exercise, we all have merienda from Neil's Kitchen.  This is one yummy puttanesca!   I have to dine here again with T.

The last exercise involves writing our favorite quote on a piece of paper which Anina will scan and turn into a postcard.  

Czarina working on her quote.

Great minds think alike! Patty and I write the same quote.

After the exercises, we all go to the pop up store of Swirls and Strokes to hoard pens from Zig Philippines.  Congratulations Patty and Mish for a very successful event!

For more information on workshops organized by Crafternoons PH, follow @crafternoonsPH on Instagram.  Til the next workshop girls! :)


  1. The workshop looked fun! I always see quotes on IG in that writing style. Brush lettering pala ang tawag. :)

    1. Yes, it was super fun! And I also just learned that you call it brush lettering. I call everything calligraphy :D Now I know the difference!

  2. Thank you so much for joining us Joei! I can't wait for Anina to teach us watercolor lettering!

    1. Thank you too Mish! Hope I'm already here when you have that watercolor lettering. Super interested in that as well :)

  3. i have always loved art too! im always interested with these kinds of workshop, so i hope they'll create another event like this!

    1. Hi Yani! Yes, there will be more events like this! If you have Instagram, please follow @CrafternoonsPH for the next workshop schedules :)


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