Rita's Italian Ice Custard Now in Manila!

After lunch at Hot Star (read my blog post about Hot Star Katipunan), we left for Greenhills because T had a basketball game.  But since we were still early, we went to Vira Mall to try Rita's.

With over 300 stores, Rita's is the largest Italian ice franchise in the world.  No wonder its arrival in the Philippines caused much hype!

When T and I arrived, we had no problem getting a table because there were only around five of us inside Rita's.  But while waiting for our orders, more people came in.

And even more people...

...until the whole place was filled.  Yikes!  T and I had perfect timing.  We probably wouldn't have gone in if we saw this crowd.

I got a large Italian Ice (PhP120/$2.70).  I thought it was pretty simple to make but it took a while before I got my order.  T even got his first.  When I couldn't wait any longer, I squeezed my way into the counter, while people were giving me dagger looks thinking I'm cutting in line, only to find out that they forgot about my order!

T got a Blendini (PhP130/$2.80) which is a combination of ice, custard and an extra mix in.

It doesn't look that appetizing because of the mixture of the colors green and brown.  Doesn't it remind you of something else? :D

Thumbs Up!
Different concept of combining ice and custard.

Thumbs Down!
They forgot my order!
Long lines so expect to wait a while.

It's just ok.  Good but nothing great.  I wouldn't fall in line for an hour just to get my fix.  Or maybe I should try their ice with custard next time since that's what they're known for. 

Rita's Italian Ice
Dining Date: 30 November 2014

Contact Information

Ground Floor
Vira Mall Greenhills
San Juan

Tel No.: (02) 650-5859

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday
11:00am - 10:00pm

Saturday to Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm


  1. Hahahaha. "Doesn't it remind you of something else?" Waaahhhh!


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