Blé Real Greek Food in BF Homes.

One night, T and I wanted to eat at one of our favorite cheap eats in BF Homes called Gourmet’s. However, it was closed when we got there so I asked him if he was game to try this Greek restaurant called Blé.

The place is really small.   There are only two tables and a counter inside and two tables outside.  That's it.  I can imagine how hard it is to get a table here during lunch or dinner rush.

This is the biggest table in Blé.  It can seat around 6 to 7 people.

T and I went to Blé around 9:30pm already and yet we still had to sit outside because the tables inside were occupied.

The first thing I order in a restaurant like Ble is hummus. But when I saw that there was a Dip Platter (PhP350/$8), I ordered that instead.  The platter has all of their best dips-- hummus, babaganush, tzatziki, olives-- and comes with a piece of pita bread.  

For his main, T got the Lamb Chops (PhP550/$12.50) which is marinated and grilled lamb chops, served with rice pilaf or French fries.  I've mentioned this a number of times before but I don't eat cute, furry things so I've never eaten (and don't have any plans of eating) lamb.  T said the meat was good and tasty but a bit tough.  This dish is good for sharing.

Wanting to try all of the best sellers, I ordered the Mixed Grill Platter (PhP550/$12.50) composed of Wagyu beef cubes, Wagyu beef kebab, chicken breast skewer served on chopped pita bread and with tzatziki and Blé's famous home cut herbed French fries.   This is a must try and also good for sharing.

After ordering food good for four people, T still ordered Baclava (PhP150/$3.50) since he hasn't tried this before.   On the other hand, I was first introduced to baclava by my mom who would always buy a whole pack at a Greek grocery near my sister's place in the States.

Baclava is a dessert made of layers of 50 hand flattened phyllo pastries and pistachio, soaked in a special syrup for balanced sweetness.  Blé calls this dessert their handmade legend.  

There are two dogs in the area who wait for scraps but don't really beg or bother the diners.  We found them cute so we let the dogs stay beside our table.  I wanted to take one home :)

A bit of trivia: Blé won as Esquire's Best New Restaurant for 2014!

Thumbs Up!
Authentic Greek food.
Open 24 hours.
Attentive server (who even converses with us) even if she's the only one attending to all the tables.

Thumbs Down!
Small dining area so it might be hard to get a table.

T and I will be back if we get midnight cravings for Mediterranean food.

Dining Date: 2 February 2015

Contact Information

188 Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes
Paranaque City

Mobile No.: (0917) 833-9271
                     (0917) 721-7488

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
Open 24 hours


  1. Wow, the place does not much from the outside but the inside is truly greek.

    1. Yes the ambiance inside is super nice. Hole in the wall vibe talaga ;)

  2. Hi. I discovered your page after seeing your comment in one of FashionPulis' articles.

    I like the way you write your entries, especially your reviews. They are simple and easy on the eyes, yet informative. I also love your blog's design; clean and looks professional. You and your husband make a cute couple as well. May God bless you more! :)

    ~ Sepsep

    1. Your nickname! ;) Anyway, thank YOU! And happy reading!


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