Live Stream of the Papal Visit PH 2015.

Where can you watch the live coverage of Pope Francis' visit to the Philippines?   Here are legitimate sources.  Just press play to start your stream.  I am getting goosebumps and teary-eyed just seeing him on the computer screen, what more in person! 

Replay of Day 1: The Pope's Arrival in Manila
Source: GMA Network

Read about my experience attending the Concluding Mass at the Quirino Grandstand HERE.


  1. It's such an awesome feeling. I am not even there at the streets to get a glimpse of him and yet, I am on the brink of tears and goosebumps. I love Pope Francis <3 He is giving a new dimension to my Catholic faith :)

    1. I know right?? Even just reading the status updates or viewing videos of Facebook friends who saw the Pope sends chills down my spine. Viva il Papa!

  2. Ako nanuod lang din sa tv pero iba pa din ung feeling kapag nakikita mu ung face nya na napakaaliwalas.


    1. Yes, agree. Feel very, very blessed. What an experience :)


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