James Patterson's $300,000 Self Destructing Book Called 'Private Vegas'.

Money can't buy everything but $294,038 can buy you James Patterson's self-destructing book entitled 'Private Vegas'. Yes, you read that right almost three hundred thousand dollars for a SELF-DESTRUCTING book.  Like, literally self-destructing.   

Fortunately, James Patterson chose a number of individuals who can read this book for free and I was one of the lucky ones.  Watch this 30-second video before I tell you about how I survived reading a self-destructing book.  

Isn't that crazy?  So stressful but fun!

All the images below are screen caps I took during my Private Vegas reading experience.  Yes, I spent my precious minutes taking photos so I could share this experience with you.

I was the 12th person (out of 1,000) in the whole world who had access to the book.  After I got the code, I received instructions on how to claim my self-destructing book.  The first page tells me that swiping each page will destroy it so there is no turning back.  Pressure!

This is how a page in the book looks like.  The timer you see shows the time I have left to read the book before it self-destructs.

When I started reading, I was surprised to see I had 19 hours left instead of 23.  Apparently, people can 'sabotage' your timer through a website called www.selfdestructingbook.com where profiles and locations of people who were chosen to receive the book are plotted in a map.

This is how the pages self-destruct.  Once you swipe a page to the left, it gets destroyed by those blue flames at the left side of the screen and the next page appears.

It's an interactive book so elements that are related to the text pop up unexpectedly.  Because everyone is intensely reading the book to beat the timer, this adds to the shock factor.

Also, after every part of the book, a 'Tension Tracker' appears where I can indicate how I feel-- Goosebumps, Nail Biting, Mind Blown, Heart Attack.  Whatever I pick is shown under my profile in the website.

After the last page is a bomb which virtually explodes and destroys the whole book.  After that, you cannot access the book anymore.

The e-copy of the individuals chosen by James Patterson to virtually experience his self-destructing book are all gone.   But the physical and only copy of the self-destructing Private Vegas is still being sold for $294,038!  So if you have that kind of money, go to this website to reserve it now.  The purchase of the book includes:

  • A first class flight to an undisclosed location
  • Two nights stay in a luxurious boutique hotel
  • A splendid reading space including perfectly chilled Champagne
  • A well-trained bomb squad to handle the self-destructing book (HOW COOL IS THIS?!)
  • Gold binoculars inside a fine leather case engraved with Patterson's initials
  • A 5-course dinner with Mr. James Patterson
  • The whole Alex Cross book series autographed by Mr. James Patterson

Watch this video to learn more about "The Most Thrilling Experience Money Can Buy":

I'm really happy I got to experience the self-destructing version albeit virtually.  If only they accepted "dollhairs", I would buy the physical self-destructing book in a heartbeat!  For the rest of the world, the normal version of Private Vegas will be out in bookstores soon.  

Can't wait to hear about the lucky (and crazy) reader who buys the only copy of the physical self-destructing book.  That's almost 14 million pesos in Philippine currency... Wild!  But I guess that makes it the most thrilling experience of a lifetime.


  1. Replies
    1. You should have read the e-copy I gave you for the experience! ;)

  2. This is amazing! I hope they can have a cheaper version of the physical book. :)

    1. Yes, the real book will definitely be much, MUCH cheaper :p

  3. Cool! You're so lucky! It must have been a very fun and unique reading experience. :)

    1. Yes, it was definitely a unique experience! Stressful but fun! :)

  4. So lucky of you Joei... Kainggit. ;-) Maybe I'll get a heart attack reading that... so... I'll pass! Hehe! ;-)

    1. Yes! Major heart attack talaga! Had to read while in traffic para di sayang yung time :D

  5. Hindi ko kaya ang ganyang stress!!! Pero curious ako.

    1. Haha! Anxiety attack levels! What more the physical self-destructing book with a real bomb squad handling it?? :D


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