Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop: Make Your Own Cookies!

Remember when I took you on a mini virtual tour around Hole In The Wall yesterday?  Well, now I'll tell you about the first stall we tried there called Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, T and I went to Century City Mall to pick up my Ni Qua bag but we got lost and ended up in Hole In The Wall.    We were in a rush because T has an important basketball game in the afternoon so even if I haven't eaten lunch yet, I tried not to look at food lest I get hungry.

But like me, T has the worst sweet tooth.  After taking photos around Hole In The Wall, I look for T and see him lining up for something.

"What do they serve here?", I ask T.
"Oh, it's a make your own cookie place," he answers.  

A MAKE YOUR OWN COOKIE PLACE?!?!?! OMG *hyperventilating*  The Project Pie for cookies (read my blog post about Project Pie Philippines)!

"So are we sharing a cookie?" I ask T since I thought we were trying to cut down on sweets.
"No way! I want my own," he tells me.
I smile because this is just the answer I want to hear so I answer him, "Eh di I'm having my own also! And coffee."
"Ok, I'm getting ice cream too," he adds.

I love it that T and I are on the same page when it comes to dessert.  So we get one cookie for me and one cookie for T.  Everybody happy :D  

Here are the steps to Scout's Honor cookie heaven:

STEP #1: Choose your 'Mother Dough'

Basic Chewy Cookie
Double Chocolate Fudge
Molasses Oatmeal Cookie
Vegan Cookie
Peanut Butter Cookie
Herbed Shortbread Cookie

Everything sounds yummy!  If you can't pick, you can mix two kinds of dough in one cookie.   Chef Miko Aspiras, the creator of Scout's Honor, helps me and T pick.

STEP #2: Select your desired toppings.

Chocolate chunks + chips: milk / dark / white
Salty Pretzel
Trail mix (mixed nuts, oats, dried fruits)
Roasted Macademia
Roasted Hazelnut
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Candied Bacon / Ham
Cheese (Cheddar, Gruyere, Gouda)
Cream Cheese
Philippine Dried Mango
Peanut Brittle
Vegan Chocolate

I believe some of the toppings on this list are not yet available like the gruyere (insert drool here) and cream cheese.  Hope to try them next time!

STEP #3: Indicate the type of swirl.

Peanut Butter

However, I don't remember being asked what kind of swirl I want.

But if you're not feeling creative, there are wonderful ready-made cookies to choose from like Thin Mints which is double chocolate fudge cookie sandwich + mint buttercream.

There's also Cookie Inception which is a cookie within a cookie within a cookie: Oreo + double chocolate fudge + chocolate chip.

Samoas Dreams is made up of coconut, caramel, salt on Sable Breton cookie, and striped with dark chocolate.

And finally, the Cereal Cookie Bar is a molasses oatmeal cookie topped with American buttercream and cereals.

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop also serves Craft Milk (P110/$2.50) where you can choose your milk base and the flavor.  This is so cool!  

While waiting for our cookies, I look around the stall and admire the decor and interior.

Even their condiments are pretty!

After a few minutes, our cookies arrive and here they are:

The T
(obviously not the official name but something I just made up ;))

Mother Dough: Basic Chewy Cookie + Dark Chocolate Fudge Cookie
Toppings: Trail Mix + Reese's Peanut Butter Cups + Walnuts

T really loves his cookie.  He said the dough itself is already good.  The toppings make it even better.

The Joei & Me Cookie
(again, obviously a name I made up :D)

Mother Dough: Molasses Oatmeal Cookie + Basic Chewy Cookie
Toppings: Chocolate Chunks & Dark Chocolate Chips + Walnuts + Candied Bacon

At first, I had second thoughts about adding bacon but Chef Miko confirmed my choice and said that it will blend well with my mother dough and other toppings.  And he is right!  I soooo love my cookie!!

T also ordered a scoop of Fog City Creamery Ice Cream (P80/$1.80) but he digs in before I can take a photo.  I am guilty of this as well because I forget to take a photo of my coffee before I gulp it down.

Halfway through our cookies, Chef Miko asks us how they are.  T and I are all praises!  We both agree that the dough itself is good enough, even without the toppings.   T then asks if Scout's Honor is a franchise. We are surprised when Chef Miko says that it isn't and it's a concept he thought of by himself.  How cool is that?!

Thumbs Up!
Unique concept! Design your own cookie from the dough to the toppings, as well as your milk.
Good coffee (from YKW Roasters).
Nice decor and ambiance.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I will definitely be back so we could experiment with other cookie combinations!

Scout's Honor Craft Cookie Shop
Dining Date: 23 November 2014

Contact Information

Hole In The Wall
4th Floor 
Century City Mall
Kalayaan Avenue corner Salamanca Street
Makati City

Tel No.: (02) 801-1230
              (02) 801-1231

Facebook Page

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
11:00am - 10:00pm


  1. I love cookies! I love this post Joei! And considering you were in a rush, you were able to take really awesome photos. Makes me want to check it out soon. PS The decision-making process you went through with T was a fun part to read!

    1. Thanks Jan-B! It's a pretty cool place. I want to go back again :)

  2. You and me both! I'm craving for a cookie right now!! Haha! And wow, it would be cool to have a real Joei & Me cookie! :p


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