Recovery Food Now in Alabang!

Places that are open 24 hours in Alabang are hard to come by so the choices I'm left with are usually just fast food joints.   This is the only complaint I have about living in the South because my appetite gets bigger as the day ends (I eat full dinners twice or even thrice at night!).    But recently, more and more 24 hour restaurants are popping up in the area.. The latest being Recovery Food, 24/7 All Day Everyday in Molito!

The other night, T went to the opening of Titan in Shangri-La Mall.  I still had lots of stuff to do at work that day so I told him I was going home late as well.  We decided to eat dinner around midnight but our lines got crossed and T ate in Jollibee on his way home.  I was just going to sleep the hunger off but T insisted that he still pick me up and we go out to eat.

The first time I tried Recovery Food was in Bonifacio Global City. T and I came from a friend's wedding at Blue Leaf and everyone was hungry again after all the laughing and dancing.

Recovery Food's menu is simple..  Starters, noodles, rice bowls, sandwiches, sweets, and extras.  Everything you need to 'recover' ;)

Since T was still full, he just got a Coffee Press.    He said that it's good!

I had the Tapa de Morning (P180+5%SC) which is homemade tapa, egg (scrambled or fried), ensalada, and organic plain rice (white or brown).  It's so good!  There's an option for a bigger serving called 'Full Recovery' (additional P50+5%SC) but the regular serving is huge already so no need for that upgrade unless you're super duper hungry.

I also love that they have different condiments, including Sriracha.  Any place that has Sriracha gets brownie points from me!

Thumbs Up!
Open 24 hours!!!
Simple comfort food.
Big servings.
Organic rice (they also have brown rice!).
Attentive and friendly servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

Of course, midnight snackers that we are, T and I will be back!

Recovery Food
Most Recent Dining Date: 11 November 2014

Contact Information
Molito Commercial Complex
Madrigal Avenue corner Alabang-Zapote Road
Muntinlupa City

Tel No.: (02) 887-3844
Mobile No.: (0917) 868-2667

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
Open 24 hours


  1. I love their turon with dulce de leche dip :)

    1. Oh I haven't tried that yet! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Yay for new places in alabang! south people unit :)

    1. Definitely! I get excited whenever a new restaurant opens! :)

  3. Nice place na 24/7!


    1. Yes! Happy there are more 24/7 restos here in Alabang :)

  4. We live in Bacoor and Molito, Alabang is one of our pasyalans. I didn't know this place is open 24/7 until now. It's nice that they have rice options there. I always try to go for brown rice when dining out. :)

    1. Yes it's open 24/7 and is our go-to place whenever I get hungry and it's late already (which is almost everyday) ;) Enjoy!


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