Patty Laurel's Blog Launch: Come Waste Your Time With Me.

Last week, Patty Laurel had a relaunch of her blog "Come Waste Your Time With Me" through an intimate gathering with friends at Shine Bakery in SM Aura.  The blog is still housed at but now carries a new look. The color scheme is much simpler but prettier and has come a long way since the "Da Patty" days, earning the hashtag #nenenomore.

I've known Patty since high school and what I like most about her blog is that, like her, it's real.  People who read her blog and see my Instagram photos with Patty all ask me the same thing.. Is Patty how she is in her blog?  Well, if you find her super nice, down-to-earth, funny, and kenkoy by the way that she writes.. That's Patty in real life.   No pretense,  no nothing.  That's really how she is.  And I always tell people that I admire Patty for staying grounded even after all the fame and attention her beauty and talent (may bayad na to Patty!:D) have brought her.  But seriously, that's a rare trait seen in people nowadays and is totally worth mentioning.

Want a trivia about Patty in high school? In her blog, I know she talks about her bloopers and the nickname DAPAtty because she would always trip.  But I don't think she has ever wrote about how she was crowned as our Prom Queen!  Been trying to find a photo of us this whole week but no one has been successful in searching their baul.  But when I get ahold of one, I'll post it as  TBT pic for all you Patty Laurel fans out there ;) 

Anyway, back to the blog launch...

As soon as I take my seat, Patty shows me a NiQua leather pouch with my initials on it.  LOVE this!  I'm into monogrammed and personalized stuff so this is for keeps.

Patty also tells me that we get to personalize our own Manico Mini NiQua bag!  I play with some colors until I decide to stick with basic red leather with gold accessories.  I'm so excited to get this today during NiQua's event at the Century City Mall where you can also personalize your own bag like what we did.  I'm on my way already :) See you there!

Twitter/Instagram: @niquashop

After Patty welcomes everyone, food is served.  For starters, we are given Tomato Soup with parmesan, basil, croutons and froth which goes so well with the Grilled Cheese Sandwich then the main dish and a couple of desserts.

Shine Bakery
Twitter/Instagram: @shinebakerycafe

After everyone is done eating, Patty announces that she is going to have a 'grade school' raffle.. Meaning everyone will win something!

My name is called and I win a pair of Praiaz shoes. I love it and it's pink!  The shoes are all-terrain beach shoes that are water resistant and made from the same material as the soles of running shoes.   Praiaz is available at Common Thread, The Flatshop, Oceanfront, Aloha Boardsports, Rustan's, and SM Makati,, and

Twitter/Instagram: @praiazph

A lot of other prizes are given away...

...including a scholarship to the School of the Fashion and the Arts (SOFA) from Amina Aranaz.

Everyone also receives a pouch of SOFA stuff like notebooks, pens, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Then we are all given a Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies from Happy Skin.  I've actually tried a couple of their moisturizing lippies before and I love it!  

Happy Skin
Twitter/Instagram: @happyskin_ph

Next, they distribute boxes of Kalookies.  I've seen these cookies on my Instagram feed but never really got to ordering.  When I got home and took a bite, OH MY GOSH.  Now I get what the hype is about! I seriously finish a whole box in one sitting.. by myself.

Twitter/Instagram: @kalookies

Then we are all given personalized perfume bottles from BC Fragrance.  I really love the scent and will probably order more when I run out.   Also being distributed at the same time are boxes, notebooks, and calendars from Print Cafe.   I like the phrase embossed on the notebook given to me.. Think Happy Thoughts!

BC Fragrance
Instagram: @bcfragranceph

Print Cafe
Instagram: @printcafe

Then Patty asks that the big bags filled with more goodies be given to everyone and that we all take a look inside at the same time.

Surprise surprise! There are shirts from Thread 365 which I've been eyeing for quite a while now as well as a pair of Havaianas from Common Thread.

Thread 365
Twitter/Instagram: @thread365

Common Thread
Twitter/Instagram: @CommonThreadPH

There is also a loot bag from Piandre (I love this salon!) containing lots of products, including the Keratin Complex dry shampoo which I purchase regularly. Yay!

Twitter/Instagram: @piandresalon

After we go through our loot bags, Patty announces that her surprise is not yet over!  She'll be taking us to a shopping spree around SM Aura.

Our first stop is Power Mac Center and we are all given Happy Plugs, which is perfect because I can't find my Apple headphones.  Plus, I got them in my favorite color... Purple!

Power Mac Center
Twitter/Instagram: @powermaccenter

Happy Plugs
Instagram: @happyplugs

Next stop is Kiehl's and we are handed paper bags with Patty's favorite products.

Instagram: @kiehlsphilippines

Last stop is Suite Blanco and Patty excitedly tells us that we get to go shopping!  Also inside the Suite Blanco bags distributed to us is a pretty bib necklace.

Suite Blanco
Twitter/Instagram: @suiteblancoph

Always nice to see you, Kelly Misa!

My seatmate for the day, Managing Editor for Nikki.

With the hostess with the mostest.. Patty Laurel!

Thank you so much for spoiling us today Patty and congratulations on your super successful blog launch!

*Credit for the prettier images in this blog post belongs to Zeus Martinez :)


  1. Whoaaaaa. That's a lot of freebies! You guys are definitely lucky!

    I have heard of Patty Laurel and the launch of her blog as well since one of my friends love her. :) I guess I should check her out finally.

    1. Yes, you should! I'm sure you'll love her blog :)

  2. You looked like you really had fun! I'm sure it was a reunion of sorts, coupled with fun and games and so many prizes!!

  3. Freebies pa lang solved na! :-) Cool!

  4. Glad of the event with more freebies for women. Patty Laurel too has its awesome moments.

  5. Wow. Lots of freebies! And congrats to the blog launch. I love Patty Laurel!

  6. Nice photos!!! Glad you had fun! And congrats to Patty!!! :)

  7. Wow, that's a lot of loot. You ladies are so lucky! I have no doubt it was a lot of fun.

  8. Wow. The freebies are all awesome.

  9. Wow! Why are girls so lucky? Ahahahaha... congrats on being part of this epic blog launch! So much fun...

  10. Oh, my... Patty Laurel. Wait, I suddenly remember, she's one of my girl crushes before. You girls must be really lucky! Hahaha!

  11. That was a lot of great surprises. You're very lucky to be part of such grand launch of a blog.

  12. di ko makita mga pictures accessing your blog here sa office ;p


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