MAC x The Simpsons Limited Edition Collection.

MAC has a collaboration with The Simpsons to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of everyone's favorite animated family!  Presenting the MAC x The Simpsons Limited Edition Collection.

This set became available for one day only during Comic-Con 2014 and for a limited only in MAC stores everywhere.  But almost everything is sold out now!  

Don't fret.  You can still buy the MAC x The Simpsons collection in the Philippines!  Check out Glitter Glam PH on Facebook and IG @GlitterGlamPH. The online store just opened this week and its first release is this awesome MAC x Simpsons collection!

Image credit: Veeoz

Now, let's look at my favorite pieces in the collection.

Lip Glass
The set comes in vibrant shades of fuchsia, violet, orange, bright yellow.  If you're familiar with MAC's lip glass then you'll like this because it is made of the same formula.  Here are the different shades:

Red Blazer 
A bright red fuchsia color.

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

Itchy and Scratchy
An electric blue violet.

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

Grand Pumpkin
A bright creamy orange.

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

Nacho Cheese Explosion
A bright neon lime yellow.

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

The set is composed of embossed powder blush in two shades: bright pink and coral.  It comes in a cute container with Marge's hair and face on it.

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

The blush comes in two shades:

Pink Sprinkles
This is a cute pink blush with a satin finish.

Image credit: VampyVarnish

Sideshow You (online exclusive)
This is a light peachy coral blush with a satin finish

Image credit: VampyVarnish

Nail Stickers

These stickers are called Marge Simpson's Cutie-cles and they look like a traditional nail art manicure but without the hassle and dry-time.  It includes 16 nail stickers.   Isn't this the cutest??  Glitter Glam PH only has one piece so grab it now!

Image credit: MakeupandBeautyblog

The pieces of the MAC x The Simpsons Collection are perfect as Christmas gifts to friends or even to yourself.  A super must-have for makeup fanatics and Simpsons fans alike!

Image credit: Mac Cosmetics

Grab them now at Glitter Glam PH on Facebook and IG @GlitterGlamPH.


  1. Those make up's are so cute. They are really worth having especially of you're a fan of the Simpsons. They are super cute.

  2. I am sure girls would love this! So awesome!

  3. so cute! HopeI can get my MAC Simpsons too :) I really love when MAC collaborates <3

  4. OMG! This is so cute! I love the blush and other collection. Lucky that glitterglamPH sells this.

  5. I'm not a big Simpsons fan but I have to admit those look cute! I'd love to have the blush.


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