F1 Hotel Manila (part 2): Staycation and BBQ Bonding.

...continued from F1 Hotel Manila (part 1): Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Buffet Offerings

After lunch, I go up to check out our room.  T and I are given the Fort Suite (P13,100/$292+ per night) which is the nicest room in F1 Hotel Manila. Other types of rooms available are the Deluxe Room (P9,500/$212+ per night) and the City Suite (P10,700/$238+ per night).

The Fort Suite is very spacious.  The outer area has a living room and two closets.

From the door, I see that there's something on the table so I come closer to see what it is.  Oh my gosh, it's Queso de Bola cheesecake!  What a thoughtful welcome gift.  I'm still full from the lunch buffet but after half an hour, I finish the whole thing.  You can order a whole Queso de Bola cheesecake from F1 Hotel Manila (P1,870/$41.50+) for your Christmas parties.

In the same area is an office desk (my favorite spot since I catch up on my blogging during staycations) and a TV set.  There's unlimited wi-fi and a cable for broadband connection.

Before entering, I wonder why our room number looks like this and not the usual one latched onto the door.  Apparently, there's a switch inside the room you press for 'Make Up' and 'Do Not Disturb'.    High tech!  I guess gone are the days when you have to hang a sign outside your door.

Beside the door is a bar with a water heater and complimentary bottled water, coffee, and tea.  There's also a mini fridge.  

I really like that there is a full length mirror in the suite because it makes 'outfit check' so much easier.  OOTD Time!  My jumper and top are from Cotton On, my aviators are from Rayban, and my blue floral tote is from Cath Kidston.  

The black jeweled sandals I'm wearing is my favorite pair from Holster Philippines.  As for my arm candy, the pink beaded bracelet is made by monks and bought at a monastery in Hong Kong (read my blog post about Ngong Ping), my Rastaclat is from Sole Academy, and the purple band is from FitBit.

This is the bedroom.  It has a queen-sized bed and full-length windows overlooking Bonifacio Global City.   There are also thick curtains to block off the sun in case you want to sleep during the day.  

I like how there's another TV set in the bedroom so T can watch his NBA games here while I can watch my shows in the living room.  No need to wrestle for the remote control.

In addition to the two closets in the outer area, there's another closet in the bedroom.  Of course,  bedroom slippers and bathrobes are always a plus (and a must!) for me.  There's also a safe, an iron, and an ironing board.

I find it nice how there are different kinds of hangers and not just the generic ones.  They even have ones for delicate clothing.

Guess what else I find inside the closet? A weighing scale!  I know it's probably for travelers who want to weigh their luggage so I hide it in the cabinet because of all the eating that's in store for us during this staycation :D

This is the bathroom.  It has both a rain shower head and a handheld shower head.  There's a bidet for the toilet but unfortunately, the one in our room is broken.  

Shampoo, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, and other basic toiletries are likewise provided.

After settling in, I catch up on my blogging and reading but end up sleeping until T arrives.  Spell sugar crash.

Finally, T is here for dinner but it kind of took him a while because there are no more parking spaces  at the hotel even for in-house guests.  He ended up parking in one of the commercial lots instead.

OOTD! My silk dress is from H&M US and my brown jeweled sandals is from Holster Philippines.

F1 Hotel Manila is supposed to have us try the BBQ Bonding package, perfect for groups and family of three to five. It's usually set up in the outdoor area by the pool but the weather is not cooperating so we all stay in the buffet area of F All Day Dining Restaurant.  It's kind of a blessing in disguise because T gets to try the buffet we had earlier, which he missed.

The barbecue feast includes vegetables, grilled seafood (squid, fish, and shrimp), Brazilian churrasco of chicken, beef, pork, and sausages, and Mexican corn salad.

After the feast, T and I say goodnight to everyone and leave dinner early because we are scheduled for an in-room massage at 9pm.  Half an hour later, there is still no sign of the masseuse so I call the lobby.  They tell me that they tried calling the room at 8:30pm but no one was answering so the masseuse went on to the next client.    This is disappointing because they are the ones who gave us the itinerary for the day so they are supposed to know where we are.. In this case, the F All Day Dining Restaurant.  Plus, T and I made sure we are in our room before 9pm.  But staycations should be stress-free so T and I just sleep the night away :)

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An overnight stay in F1 Hotel Manila comes with buffet breakfast for two.  The spread is composed of Filipino and American favorites.

After breakfast, T and I check out the Canary Lounge where the pools are.  Yes, pools with an S!  There are three different pools in F1 Hotel Manila.

The Kiddie Pool...

...the Lounge Pool...

...and the Lap Pool.  This is a nice concept so guests could do what they want (play, lounge, do laps) and not disturb anyone.

We explore the other floors and find a Spa.

And beside it is the Gym.  Even if I haven't been to one in years, I brought work out clothes because I expected a lot of eating during our staycation.  T even got me Nike socks because I forgot to bring a pair.

But it remains nothing but a plan so T and I just take a photo of the place.

So that ends our F1 Hotel Manila staycation.  

This Christmas season, create special memories and spend quality time with your family and friends at F1 Hotel Manila for only P7,800 ($178.50+).  This is for two people already and includes an overnight stay at a Deluxe Room, breakfast buffet for two, one (1) hour in-room massage for two, unlimited broadband and wifi access, use of swimming pool and facilities and P1,800 ($40) worth of food and beverage credits.

Thumbs Up!
Spacious suite with a nice view overlooking Bonifacio Global City.
High tech 'Make Up' and 'Do Not Disturb' signs.
Two television sets.
Free wi-fi and broadband connection inside the room and in public areas.
Different kinds of hangers, including one for delicate clothes.
Weighing scale.
Thoughtful welcome gift (Queso de Bola cheesecake)!
Three separate pools.

Thumbs Down!
Broken bidet in the bathroom.
Little insects on the curtains probably because of on going pest control done that day.
Not enough parking spaces for guests so you may have to pay for overnight parking in public lots.
Uncoordinated guest services (i.e. my massage experience).

To be honest, the insufficient parking space was an issue to T and the massage mix-up was an issue for me.  But T and I really liked the Fort Suite and its amenities (full length mirror, two television sets, lots of cabinets with special hangers) plus I found the Queso de Bola Cheesecake a nice welcome gift.

The end.

F1 Hotel
Staycation Date: 4-5 October 2014

32nd Street 
Bonifacio Global City

Tel No.: (02) 928-8888
              (02) 907-7888

Twitter: @F1HotelManila
Instagram: @f1hotelmanila


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