Asian Food Channel Presents Tareq Taylor's Nordic Flavors.

How often can I say that our lunch was personally prepared by a world-renowned chef?  Not very often, which is why I got excited when I received an invitation from Scripps Networks Asia Pacific to an intimate luncheon at Makati Shangri-La's Sage Restaurant where Swedish Chef Tareq Taylor of Asian Food Channel (AFC)'s Nordic Cookery will prepare lunch for us that day.  

Image credit: Jean Jarlego-Talam

Manila is the last stop of Chef Tareq, who went around Asia to promote his show Nordic Cookery shown on AFC.

Here is Chef Tareq explaining to us the three-course meal he prepared for us today.


To start, we are served Beetroot and Potato Cake with Goat Cheese, Sweet and Sour Honey and Walnuts.

"It's all about the beetroots," Chef Tareq explains. "You will have beetroots in three different ways.  Fried beetroot at the bottom of the base, cooked beetroot, and raw beetroot."

He says that the dish has a natural earthliness to it making the flavor nice and sweet.  And to further enhance the flavor, he added goat cheese foam and sweet and sour honey.

I've taken a liking to beetroot recently so I like this dish.  The presentation is nice too, with the blend of contrasting colors and textures.

Main Course

There are two options for the main course.. Cod and Lamb, which Chef Tareq says represents winter and summer, respectively.

I don't eat lamb so I got the Cod with Apple and Elderflower.  Chef Tareq Taylor shares his first memory of elderflower, "It's with my grandmother teaching me what to pick, how to pick, what to use, and how to use it."

Chef Tareq further explains that in the old days, elderflower was only used in drinks.  Now it's used in different kinds of dishes as well.  It's also used as a preservative since Sweden is all about preserving, getting only fresh produce four to five months a year.

Again, I love the presentation and the mix of the colors.  The taste is superb!  I like the mix of cod, apple, and sour jelly.  I finish my dish at once and forget to let T try it. 

T chose the Lamb, Lavage, and Dried Apricots which he liked because it's not the usual lamb chop that he usually eats.  Chef Tareq said apricots and hazelnuts are incorporated into the dish to add sweetness and crunch.  


For dessert, we are served Deep Fried Crepe with Berries which Chef Tareq says is one of his childhood favorites.  

"It's really just summertime on a plate and it's really beautiful," he tells us. "It's vanilla ice cream in a crepe.  Batter it, freeze it, so when you deep fry it, you get a beautiful crust with ice cream inside."

T and I find it very filling especially with the strawberries and mangoes around it.  We also love the mix of the yellows and the reds and yes, it really looks like summertime in a plate!

After eating, T and I got to talk to Chef Tareq.  I'm sure he gets this a lot but we compliment his dishes.  T tells him that I liked the cod so much, he wasn't able to take a bite.  Chef Tareq tells T he's going to bring him the sour jelly for him to try.

I then ask him if anyone in his family cooks.  He says, his wife loves to eat but doesn't cook.  We both laugh and I tell T, "Seeeee!", which probably explains his facial expression here :D

Image credit: Jean Jarlego-Talam

True to his promise, Chef Tareq comes back with the sour jelly for T!

Thank you Sab, Pat, and the Asian Food Channel for this wonderful opportunity!


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