Anniversary (part 4): Lunch at Chateau Hestia Garden Restaurant.

...continued from part 3: The One Bedroom Suite in One Tagaytay Place

I love those hidden restaurants in the Tagaytay/Silang area and Chateau Hestia has always been on my list of places to visit.  However, our plans to go never push through, so this year, we decide to have our anniversary lunch there.

Because it's sort of a hidden place, the question most asked is how to get to Chateau Hestia.  Coming from the Sta Rosa exit, turn right.  As you drive by, look for a sign that says 'To Chateau Hestia' on your right then turn there. There will be more signs along the road so just follow them and you won't get lost.   After around ten to fifteen minutes drive, slow down and you'll see this door.   You have arrived at your destination.

Chateau Hestia is owned by an Austrian named Johannes Zehethofer who loves wine and good food.      It's just apt because the name of the restaurant comes from Hestia, the Goddess of the Hearth, who is known to entertain and feed the people of Olympus.

Chateau Hestia wants its guests to feel like they're dining in their own home but in an elegant setting.  We think they are pretty successful in doing so.

There's also a wine and deli shop just by the entrance.

As soon as we take our seats, the server welcomes us and hands us the menus.  Chateau Hestia serves authentic European cuisine, including pizzas!

After ordering, T and I go outside to explore the grounds.

If you want to dine al fresco, there are tables outside.

Our server tells us there's a hanging bridge nearby so T and I go find it.

If I'm not mistaken, the bridge leads to one of the cottages in Chateau Hestia's bed and breakfast.  Cottage room rates range from P3,500 to P4,850 per night for two persons, with breakfast.

Chateau Hestia is like an oversized garden filled with plants, vines, and fruits.

On the way back to the restaurant, we find another bridge and I get silly for T, who captures it on camera.

As soon as we sit down, T and I both feel hungry already.  And just like a mind reader, our server gives us a basket of bread.

The set menus are cheaper (around P800+ per person) than getting ala carte but T said he wants to taste all of the best sellers so we order from the menu instead.

For our appetizer, T and I split a bowl of Lobster Bisque (P265/$6+SC) which is thick and creamy lobster soup.  The serving is big enough to be shared by two people.

T also orders the Gravlax (P380/$8.55+SC) because out of all the starters in the menu, this is the only one we are not familiar with.  Plus, our server tells us that this dish is a best seller.  Gravlax is actually fresh Scandinavian home-cured salmon served with a special dijon dill sauce and foccacia bread and is really good.  T and I like it a lot.

For my drink, I ask for Bottomless Buko Juice (P135/$3+SC).  Yes, bottomless!  I don't think I've been to a place that serves bottomless buko juice.  Coolios.

On the other hand, T gets his favorite Mango Shake (P115/$2.55+SC).

For his main, T orders the Rib-Eye Steak (P1,250/$28+SC) which is certified US Angus beef with a choice of demiglaze or peppercorn sauce served with mashed potato and mixed butter vegetables.   The steak is soft, juicy, and full of flavor.

Plus, the serving size is huge!  Takaw me help T finish his steak after I'm done with my main course.

T originally wanted this but I have been craving for seafood so he let me order the Crusted Salmon (P585/$13+SC) which is lemon peppered crusted fillet of salmon with smoked paprika sauce served with mashed potato and buttered vegetables.  It has just the right amount of flavor and the salmon is not malansa at all.  I love the smoked paprika sauce.

After eating, the manager gives me and T two wines to try.  I really like the Limoncello Wine (left) but it's strongggggg while T likes the Vin D Orange (right). And since T tries to learn French due to my prodding, he can pronounce the name properly and he understands what it means ;)  

These wines can be purchased from the shop and looking back, I should've gotten a bottle of the Limoncello!

T and I are so full already but decide to have coffee and dessert before going back to Manila for extra energy aka sugar+caffeine!  We both get a Cafe Mocha (P185/$4+SC) and share a scoop of Ferrero Roche Ice Cream (P115/$2.55+SC).

So that wraps up our simple but fun anniversary weekend in Tagaytay. Just the kind of break I needed.. Away from the hustle and bustle of the Metro and everything else.  Thank you T! :)

If you want to read my other posts about our anniversary this year, the links are at the bottom.  Enjoy your Friday everyone!

Thumbs Up!
Good food.
Nice ambiance.
Friendly and attentive staff.
Private date place away from it all.
Almost no network signal (this is a thumbs up for me because it's good to get disconnected once in a while).

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I will definitely be back to try Chateau Hestia's other dishes and also the pizzas!

The end.


Chateau Hestia
Dining Date: 7 November 2014

Contact Information

Purok 5
Barangay Bukal
Silang, Cavite
(near Tagaytay)

Mobile No.: (0929) 711-3289

Facebook Page

Operating Hours


Tuesday to Sunday
10:00am - 10:00pm


  1. Awwww thanks! <3

    As for my camera.. I usually use my Canon Powershot N (point and shoot) for my blog posts since I can transfer it to my phone and post stuff on Instagram at once :) But for Chateau Hestia, I also used my Lumix Gx1 :)

  2. Hi! New reader here. What a lovely destination in Tagaytay! Perfect for romantic dates. Very nice photos, too. I also want to ty that "bottomless" buko juice! It's also my first time to hear about a resto that serves one. :)

    1. Hi Edelweiza! Thank you so much!! I took a short break from blogging but I'll be posting new entries soon. You dropped by just in time ;) Happy New Year!


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