Anniversary (part 3): The One Bedroom Suite in One Tagaytay Place.

...continued from part 2: Dinner at Morielli's Restaurant in Tagaytay

After dinner, T and I head to One Tagaytay Place where we are retiring for the night.  I wrote about this hotel before (read my blog post about One Tagaytay Place) but this time, we are staying in a bigger room.  Actually, T and I only booked a Deluxe Double Room but our friend JR Francisco, who owns the hotel, upgraded us to a One Bedroom Suite.  Thank you J!

The One Bedroom Suite has a receiving area which has its own TV set...

...and also a small dining area.

Along the hallway, before entering the bedroom, is a mini bar with complimentary bottled water, coffee, tea, and a water heater.  Below this is the fridge.

On the other side is the bathroom.  It has hot and cold water and a rain shower head.

Basic toiletries like shampoo, lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste are provided.

This is the bedroom.  It has a queen sized bed, a reading chair, and a dresser table.

And yes, there's another TV set inside the bedroom!  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I love this set up because T can watch his NBA games while I can watch my shows.

There's a cabinet for your clothes, which also contains bathrobes and bedroom slippers (a must for me!), and a safe.

Because it's so cold outside, I craved for hot chocolate while we were on our way to One Tagaytay Place.  So after settling in, I call room service and order.  I only expect a mug but they give us a whole pitcher.  Yay!  Sipping hot chocolate while reading my newest book?  Heaven.  Been wanting to do this for the longest time now.

While I am reading my book and T is watching TV, the doorbell rings again.  T and I are not expecting anyone so we wonder who it is.  T opens the door and we see a staff member holding this cake.  Surprise!  Low EQ me digs in at once and my taste buds rejoice because it's not just your ordinary chocolate cake... It's sooooo good!  Thank you JR and One Tagaytay Place for this thoughtful anniversary gift :)

The stay comes with breakfast but T knows that the best gift to give me is sleep so he just goes down and eats by himself.  Poor kid ;)  But if you want to see the breakfast spread, read my previous blog post about Azalea Restaurant.

As for the room rates, One Tagaytay Place always has promos so it's best to check their website.  I posted the link at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, I wake up around noon (which feels so good because it's been a while since I had a good night's sleep) to get ready for our anniversary lunch.

Thumbs Up!
Two TV sets.
Free wifi in public areas and in the room.
Soft pillows and sheets.
Bathrobes and bedroom slippers.
Thoughtful anniversary cake!

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I usually stay here when we go to Tagaytay so we will definitely be back!


One Tagaytay Place
Most Recent Visit: 6-7 November 2014

445 Tagaytay-Calamba Road
Barrio Sungay West
Tagaytay City

Tel No.: (02) 584-4111
                (046) 483-0111

Mobile No.: (0922) 834-8874
                     (0928) 541-1163

Instagram: @onetagaytayplace


  1. Joei! Anniversary nyo then you read a book & Timmy watches TV??? 7 years na nga hahaha. Must have been a pretty tiring day. Happy anniversary guys. Hope you have 7x7xforever more! :-*

    1. Hahaha! That's the best gift he could give me.. Time to read my book and to sleep in! :) It's been a pretty hectic month (or months?!), actually :(


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