Anniversary (part 2): Dinner at Morielli's Restaurant in Tagaytay.

...continued from part 1: The Bathhouse at Qi Wellness Living

After our massage at Qi Wellness Living, T and I are still full from the meal we had before going up Tagaytay.  But I usually get hungry in the middle of the night so T said we should get something light to eat before heading to our hotel.

We look around while on the road until we see this restaurant called Morielli's.  It looks casual but cozy enough plus T and I are in the mood for Italian food so this place is perfect..  Or so we thought.

The name of the restaurant, the Vespa outside, and the decor inside are all Italian.

So I wonder about the quirky signs on the wall which seem not-so-Italian.

Apparently, Morielli's is NOT an Italian restaurant!

The name is a combination of the names of the owner's parents (Moriet + Gely) and the food is Filipino with a mix of Mexican dishes.   I feel like the name, slogan, and decor (I mean, there's a Vespa by the entrance!!) are a bit misleading but T and I stay anyway since the place is nice and the staff is accommodating.

Morielli's is also an inn which can house a group of 16.  It's perfect for barkada outings or big family outings since you can have the place all to yourselves.  They have 4 rooms and the rate is P3,500 per room for 2 people (extra person is P800).  The stay comes with breakfast for all occupants.

The menu says that Toci Fries (P125/$2.78) is their big hit appetizer so I order it.  It's sweet potato with all sorts of vegetables mixed in.  T and I like this a lot.  Must try when you visit!

Like I said, the menu is full of Filipino dishes but it's not really what I had in mind so we skip to the Italian portion which is actually just a page.  T orders the Italian Flatbread (P140/$3.10) or thin crust pizza topped with cheese, pesto, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

He also gets the Classic Carbonara (P185/$4.11) which T and I both love because there are full slabs of bacon on the side and not just bacon bits.  It's also cool to find a poached egg in the middle.  The pasta sauce lacks a bit of flavor though.

The rest of the menu are Mexican dishes.  T orders Tacos but when I see this sign near the entrance, I change it and get Chimichanga with Chili Soup #5.

When the dish arrives, I look for the chili.  But all I see is salsa in the middle.  Hmm..  The meat filling with cheese is good but what I really want is the chili.  Where oh where?  Did I misread the sign?

After eating, the chef (and I think the owner) goes up to us and asks us if the chili seems dry.   I tell him that the chili is fine but half of me wanted to ask him if the dish really comes with chili soup or I just read the sign wrong.  But I get shy and don't mention it at all.

As for the little surprises Morielli's has for its guests...

After we order, the hostess asks us to write our real names, no nicknames.  T and I wonder what it's for until she comes back after a few minutes and hands us these sheets of paper with the meaning of our names.  How cool!

And before leaving, the hostess asks me and T if we could pose in front of the restaurant for a souvenir photo.  I am thankful for this thoughtful gesture since T and I are still sleepy from the massage that we forgot to take a photo of the two of us while eating inside.

Thumbs Up!
Reasonably priced food.
Nice ambiance.
Friendly and attentive servers.
Special personalized gifts (love this!).
Opens early and closes late.

Thumbs Down!
The name, vibe, and tag line are a bit misleading because it made us think it's an authentic Italian restaurant when it's not.

Sans the expectation of going to an authentic Italian restaurant, T and I like Morielli's because they try not only to serve you good food but also to provide you with a memorable dining experience as well.  We really appreciate the sweet little gestures like the personalized name analogy and the photo op in front of their restaurant.  Coupled with good service, that really made a difference to me and T :)


Morielli's Restaurant
Dining Date: 6 November 2014

Contact Information

Tagaytay-Calamba Road
corner St Francis Drive
Tagaytay City

Tel No.: (046)

Official Website

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
7:30am - 10:00pm

How To Get There
Coming from Sta Rosa, on the fork of the road, turn left.  After you pass a waiting shed, you will see St. Francis Drive's street marker.  Morielli's is just behind it.


  1. I love the personal touch of this resto. Yeah, akala ko nga nung una Italian. hahaha!

    1. I know right? Really thought it was Italian! Haha!

  2. Oh my Abi! I accidentally deleted your comment! Hope you are reading this. Was supposed to hit REPLY :(

  3. Joei! Funny yung discovery mo na it's not Italian! Hahahaha :) Love the place. I noticed that restos are getting more and more creative with their interior design and putting a lot of quirky decor for people to take photos of! Nice! <3

    1. It was so funny when I opened the menu expecting Italian dishes then I saw kare-kare and stuff, I was like.. WUT. Haha! Was so confused! Until I saw the first page which explained everything :D

  4. soup no. 5 is a different dish. It is a local soup made of bulls testicles and supposedly an aphrodisiac

    1. Yes, someone commented earlier that it's a different dish but I erased it accidentally. I was supposed to edit mine. Thanks for the clarification!


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