Anniversary (part 1): The Bathhouse at Qi Wellness Living Tagaytay.

I always prefer going out of town for birthdays and anniversaries but with my schedule and workload,  flying somewhere is out of the question.  Our go-to place in situations like this?  Tagaytay!

It's perfect since it's just a little bit over an hour's drive but far enough to feel that we are not in the Metro.  And since T and I are so used to going to Tagaytay, it doesn't require much planning or effort.   In fact, this is also where I spent my birthday this year (read my blog post about My Post-Birthday Day Trip to Taal Volcano).  

Since we are going to Tagaytay, I decide to use the gift Qi Wellness Living gave me and T (read my blog post about Qi Wellness Living Tagaytay's 8-Course Yin Yang Dinner).  

My stressed out muscles are in much need of a massage so I am looking forward to this!
Quick Escape - This spa package is designed for couples who prefer a more private session. Start with a hydrotherapy dip in our yin yang pool and get your circulation going. While relaxing by our pool, you have the option of starting with a 30 minute foot reflexology on one of our recliners. You can proceed to your private room after to shower and relax. When you are ready, we shall proceed with your signature massage. P2,580 per person, based on a two person occupancy (3 hours)

During our previous visit, it was dark already so T and I couldn't see the beautiful view of the Taal Volcano from Qi Wellness Living's patio.

After greeting us, we are led to 'The Bathhouse' where the hot and cold pools are.

As soon as we take our seats, head manager Arnold provides us with hot oolong tea.

Then we are treated to a 30-minute session of foot reflexology.

The tea is perfect because it's already cold in Tagaytay.

After the foot reflexology, T and I take a dip in the Yin Yang pools, which are called such because one is cold and the other is hot.

The pools light up at night.   I still can't get over the beautiful view of the Taal Volcano from where we are.

Just beside the pools is the private room where we will have our signature massages.

The private room has its own bathroom complete with toilet, sink, and a shower which has a built in steam sauna.

There's also cabinet where you can leave your stuff, disposable underwear (for ladies) and shorts (for men), and flip flops.

The room is lighted by candles which makes it more relaxing.  I fall asleep immediately until the masseuse wakes me up and tells me that the massage is done.

On the way out, T and I are greeted by this view of the full moon.

Thank you Qi Wellness Living for the wonderful anniversary gift! :)

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Thumbs Up!
Beautiful place which has an equally beautiful view of the Taal volcano.
Friendly staff (special mention to Arnold).
Private room with its own toilet and shower.
Provides everything you may need from shampoo, soap, disposable underwear, and flip flops.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

Qi Wellness Living in Tagaytay is a must visit for couples or friends who want ultimate privacy.  T and I will definitely be back!

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Qi Wellness Living
Most Recent Visit: 6 November 2014

Contact Information 

 Aguinaldo Highway
Barangay Maharlika East
Tagaytay City

 Mobile No.: (0917) 522-6969

 Official Website 
Instagram: @qiwellnessliving

 Operating Hours 

 The Chinese Tea House 

 Monday to Tuesday
(but can be opened for group bookings or functions)

 Wednesday to Sunday
11:30am to 2:30pm
6:30pm to 10:00pm

 The Chinese Bath House 


 Tuesday to Sunday
1:00pm to 10:00pm


  1. What a nice place. It looks so relaxing. =)

  2. magkano po averall pay nyo ?

    1. Hi! This is a gift from Qi Wellness. You can visit their website for more info or better yet call them to inquire. All of the contact details can be found on my post above :)


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