12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub at Century City Mall.

I'm sure people around my age and older miss those days when THE gimik was watching bands like Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikaze, Wolfgang, Razorback, Side A, Southborder, Freestyle perform live on stage.    Well, thanks to 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub in Makati, we can all relive the good ol' days!

Most of the people think the name is from Brad Pitt's movie, 12 Monkeys.  But I'm guessing it's because there are twelve owners:  Raymund Magdaluyo, veteran restauranteur who owns Red Crab, Sumo Sam, and Seafood Island restos; Vocalist of Parokya ni Edgar Chito Miranda and forner vocalist of Hale Champ Lui Pio who are both co-managing partners for musical programming; Cesca Rivas who is the managing partner for marketing and operations and used to have stints in Opus and PrivĂ©; DJ Keith Haw who oversees the DJ lineup to compliment the musical experience; JB Music head honco and VASK owner Jerico Fernando who is responsible for the sound system; Veteran radio man DJ Tony Toni Bueno of Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out, sports TV personality Jinno Rufino, Big Bad Wolf's Neil Parace, 71 Gramercy and Tipsy Pig co-owner Neil Arce, Publiko and Universe co-owner Mike Gelacio, Prive's JM Rodriguez, Century Properties Creative Director and club/bar owner GP Reyes, financial genius and one of the prime movers behind Gallo's/19 East Yuri Allado completes the rest of the lineup.

Before the music, let's talk about food first.  The menu is developed by Chef Pete Ayson and inspired by the taste and preference of each of the owners. 

All of the dishes I tried are good so I won't comment on each, unless I have a side story to tell.  So just because I don't say anything about the dish, doesn't mean it's not a must try. 

Mish, Patty, Chef Neil (great food Chef!), me, Jane, and Anna.

Pica-Pica to Chika

Killer Chicharones (P195/$4.30+)
Pork chicharon, fried chicken skin, chicken ass poppers with spiced vinegar and spiced ketchup.

Okaaaaayyy... so I didn't know that there are chicken ass poppers in this dish (read about the first time I ate chicken ass).  But it's good!  Nice choice for pulutan if you guys are just drinking since it's something you all can share.

Spam Fries (P290/$6.50++)
Assorted spam with honey mustard, cumin ketchup, and kimchi mayo.

Everyone loves this so much!  The first one to get 'wiped out' in the table every visit.  This is also my favorite among all of the dishes.

Cesca Pop
Golden shrimp popcorn, grilled lemon, crispy fries, and cocktail sauce.

Picha Pie

The Sisig Tribute Pizza (P320/$7.15+)
Crispy pork sisig, garlic mayonnaise, quail eggs, and mozzarella.

Palabok Pizza (P350/$7.80+)
Shrimp sauce, calamari, boiled egg, grilled shrimps, white goat cheese.

What a unique concept!  Calamansi, please!

Even The Soshal Network are amused by this pizza.  Here's the making of their Palabok Pizza shot.

Showtime Specials

Barbecue Feast (P780/$17.37)
Pork spare ribs, pork skewer, chicken barbecue wings, coleslaw, potato salad, and Java rice.

After Hours Goto Special (P285/$6.35+)
Rice porridge, beef tripe, garlic flakes, century egg, pork floss, candied dills, green onions, tofu, fried pork belly.

Isn't this a pretty dish?  Such a sosyal goto!  Must try for the taste and the Instagram photo ;)

Laksa Lomi
Red curry coconut Lomi noodle soup served with squid balls, white shrimps, and fried pork belly.

Rice Bowls

12 Treasures Claypot Rice
Black rice, soy chicken, Chinese sausage, pork ribs, shiitake mushrooms, and bok choi served in a claypot bowl.

Midnight in Pares (P290/$6.50+)
Braised beef, tamago, garlic rice, and homemade chili sauce.

This is my first taste of pares and it's really good.  Witty name too!


Chunky Monkey Pie
Cream-filled banana cream pie topped with whipped cream, chunky peanut butter, and crushed chocnut.

Sticky Pudding
Banana walnut bread pudding in butter toffee sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream.

Oh Yeah, The Salads...

What a funny category!  But that is what's really written on the menu.

Fried Chicken Ceasar
Homemade Ceasar dressing tossed with romaine lettuce topped with shaved parmesan cheese, smoked bacon bits, and country fried chicken fillet.

Thai Beef Salad
Mixed salad greens, tamarind beef fillet, cucumber, tomatoes, radish, toasted peanuts, and Chili lime dressing.


Aren't these cocktails pretty?  The green one is Ivan's Secret, the pretty pink one in a martini glass is Very Berries, and the yellow one is Sweet Monkeys.  All of them are P230 ($5.12+).

As of the present, I visited 12 Monkeys three times.  The first two, T and I were invited by our friend Champ Lui Pio, who is one of the 12 "Monkeys", so I brought my blogger friends.  First was with the ABC girls Mish of Momma N Manila, Patty of Mrs. C's Sugarcoated Life, and Jane of Sugar Go Spice, plus their significant others.   Chef Anna Chua of Pink Wasabi and her husband (read my blog post about Pink Wasabi) also joined us that night.

During my second visit, I invited Vivian aka Domesticated, Faye aka Sophisticated, and Camille aka Provinciated of The Soshal Network (TSN), Rowena of Animetric and her husband Peter, and Von Bryan and JP of The Manila Survival Guide.

The band playing that night is called Autotelic.  They're pretty good!

My most recent visit is with T and our friends to watch Franco and Parokya ni Edgar.

Aimee Bulay, T, Chippy Andolong.

Boy 2 Quizon, Rona Ofiana, and me.

GRABE.  I have no words.  Super galing.


I missed watching gigs. Thank you Champ and 12 Monkeys! :)

Thumbs Up!
Great local bands and solo artists (support OPM!)
Good food! Filipino favorites with a twist.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

T and I will definitely be back!

12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub
Most Recent Dining Date: 23 October 2014

Contact Information

5th Level
Century City Mall
Kalayaan Avenue
Makati City

Mobile No.: (0917) 570-3222

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday
5:00pm to 4:00am

Table Rates
(The amount that remains after the bottle purchases is consumable)

BOD 1: Php 15,000 minimum for 12 people (required purchase of 3 bottles)
BOD 2: Php 10,000 minimum for 10 people (required purchase of 2 bottles)
VIP: Php 8,000 minimum for 8 people (required purchase of 2 bottles)
Dining (rectangle): Php 6,000 minimum for 6 people (required purchase of 2 bottles)
Cocktail tables: Php 2,000 minimum fully consumable for 4 people

If you're not getting a table, there's a Door Charge.  The price depends on the solo artist or band performing that night but be prepared to shell out around P500.  All fees collected from door charge will go to the performers that night so think about it as your support for them :)


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