Want To Be The Next Nestlé Super/Star?

To those who always dreamed of appearing in commercials or on billboards, great news.. Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt is looking for their next Super/Star! And not only that, they are also giving away other awesome prizes, like an all expense paid trip to Bali for you and your friends.

But before anything else, let me first tell you about our Nestlé Super/Star Day Away at The Greenery.

Breakfast is first on the agenda.  We all meet in Pancake House Bonifacio High Street.

After breakfast, we travel for around two hours to a destination in Bulacan.

The place is definitely a hidden gem in the area.  No one in the group has heard about it so we're all glad that Nestlé brought us here.   Following the recent rain showers and thunderstorms, this is such a welcome sight.

The tables are dressed in blue and white and filled with fruits and flowers.  It feels like summer in September!

Kat Alano is our host for that day.  As soon as everyone settles down, she explains to us the purpose of today's trip.. Aside from enjoying the beautiful resort, we are also brought here to make a Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt Super/Star video.   We are also shown a short tutorial to guide us in making it.

This video is what you have to do, dear reader, if you want to be the next Nestlé Super/Star.  I'll explain more about this at the bottom of the post.

I'm so happy that my friend and high school batchmate (the real Super/Star ;)) Patty Laurel is there for the event so I get to spend the day with her and also with Kim Jones, another Super/Star.  Beside Kim is BrandSpeakAsia account executive Joreen Baquilod.

Before making our videos, we are invited to have lunch.  On the menu are healthy but filling salads and main dishes.

After lunch, we explore The Greenery so we could create shots for our Super/Star videos.  Everything is so picturesque!  Kim calls it 'Instagram heaven'.  

 My favorite set-up is this picnic area.

Here are more photos from Instagram.

From my day yesterday with these beautiful talented multi-hyphenates 💙😍

Can't believe this place is just an hour away from Manila! 💙 @pattylaurel #mySUPERFOOD

With lawyer, women's rights advocate and blogger--the true super slash star @joeiandme :) so proud of this girl! We were batchmates in Zobel! :) #nfsy #mysuperfood

Before leaving, Patty and I are in for a surprise... Nestlé gives us personalized tote bags with our photos taken during the day and fills it with lots of Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt goodies.  Thank you!! 

Now on to the contest.  This is how you can be Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt's next Super/Star!

1. Download Flipgram from the app store.
2. Choose a solo pic and label it "This is Who I Am"
3. Choose 3 photos of yourself labeling it with your multiple interests and passions.  Don't forget to add the slash "/" after each of the description.
4. Choose a photo of your favorite Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt and label it  "This is what I eat"
5. Choose 3 yogurt benefits most relevant to you and then 3 photos of yourself enjoying those benefits and label them.  Choose from: Low Fat / Calcium / Digestion / Immunity / Yummyfood.  Again, don't forget the slash "/"
6. Choose a photo of yourself eating your favorite Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt and label it "#mySUPERFOOD"
7. Press NEXT and you may or may not add music.  
8.  Save your Flipagram and email your video to NFSYpromo@gmail.com with the following details: name, age, address, contact number, and how you heard about the promo (I read about this from Joei & Me!).

As a guide, here's my Nestlé Super/Star video:

And here are the prizes Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt will be giving away:

Grand Raffle Prizes
One winner of a trip to Bali for 4 with flights, 4D/3N hotel accommodations, tours & pocket money
One winner of 3D/2N accommodation for 2 at The Farm
One winner of 2D/1N accommodation for 2 at Lilom Resort

Weekly Super/Star Pick Spot and Weekly Raffle Prizes
One weekly winner who will star in Nestle's YouTube commercial and get featured in Nestle's LED billboards on EDSA Guadalupe and C5 Bagong Log
10 weekly raffle prize winners of Nestlé Fruit Selection Yogurt gift packs

Instant Prize for Valid Entry
A recipe e-book

You can enter more than once.  The more video entries you submit, the more chances of winning those prizes!  Promo period is until 17 November 2014.  To read the full mechanics, please visit Nestle Fruit Yogurt's Facebook Page.

Goodluck and I hope one of you will become the next Nestlé Super/Star!


  1. JSG, i want to be super/ star too :) wait for my entry :) lovelots

  2. GLENDA. Make more than one so you have more chances of winning! Goodluck! :)


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