Victorinox I.N.O.X.: A Tour de Force Timepiece.

For its 130th anniversary, Victorinox Swiss Army launches a watch of sharp and versatile design that is so strong it defies imagination! The Victorinox I.N.O.X. Watch can be driven over, frozen, dropped.. And yet still be alive!

The name I.N.O.X. comes from the French word for stainless steel, the solid, durable, and corrosion-resistant material that Victorinox adopted more than 50 years before it became the norm in the Swiss watch industry. Marking a shared link between cutlery and watches, I.N.O.X. is as iconic as the Original Swiss Army Knife. Designed to withstand unusual stress, it has passed with flying colors a ruthless battery of 130 strength tests. Beyond the standard certification tests of the Swiss watch industry, a series of new tests was developed specifically for I.N.O.X. watch. 

The watch's robustness is incomparable to any other — an I.N.O.X. timepiece can resist eight tons of compression under a hydraulic press, and can resist being driven over by a truck of 25 tons or a military tank weighing up to 64 tons (watch the 8-Ton Pressure Test here). 

Moreover, it can also withstand temperature shocks from -57 degrees to +71 degrees Celsius, set to a standard set by the US Army for the manufacture of missiles. 

The I.N.O.X watch can also take on glacial cold; the watch will function non-stop and without complaint, even when frozen in an ice cube for 168 hours. 

Neither does it have a fear of heights; the I.N.O.X. watch can weather extreme conditions at a stratospheric altitude of 21,300 meters, which is twice the height at which airlines fly. 

It can also withstand a fall of 10 meters onto a smooth concrete surface, the approximate equivalent of a drop from a three-floor building (watch the 10 Meter Drop Test here)

Given its extreme robustness, one would expect the I.N.O.X. watch to look like a bunker.   But it still looks elegant with its 43 mm stainless steel case which is enhanced by a skillfully polished hexagonal bezel. 

The case is made with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflection treatment, and is water resistant to 200 meters. Available in three colors such as black, khaki, and navy blue, the I.N.O.X. watch can be further personalized with a bumper. 

This is the same thought that celebrities Marc Nelson, Andrew Wolff, and John Spainhour have with regard to the I.N.O.X. watch. Leading such busy and adrenaline-fueled lives, these three “friends of the brand” exemplify the qualities of the I.N.O.X. watch. Marc, an adventurer who dares to brave the outdoors, Andrew, who shows tenacity on the rugby field, and John, who courageously was a marine for several years, all find a companion in the watch.  Although the watch’s primary functions are telling the time and date, its robustness, craftsmanship and style, make it the rightful heir of the famous Swiss Army Knife, and thus these three men’s perfect “companion for life.” 

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch is available at SM Megamall Boutique, Century City Mall Boutique, Lucerne, Elemento, Chronos, Wrist Pod, Swiss Gear, L Timestudio, SM Department Stores and Robinson’s Department Stores. 

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