UNO de 50's 2014-2015 Autumn/Winter Collection.

Earlier this month, I was invited to an exclusive shopping event of UNO de 50's 2014-2015 Autumn/Winter Collection at the new Fashion Hall of SM Megamall.  I asked T's sister Michelle if she wanted to go with me because I know she has been eyeing an UNO de 50 bracelet for a long time.  

Traffic was so bad that day.  Even at an odd hour, EDSA was bumper-to-bumper and so was C5 but being stuck in traffic was worth it.  The new Autumn/Winter Collection 2014-2015 is gorgeous!  It is inspired by the sensations experienced by the human being on coming into contact with nature in its purest form and falls into 4 lines.

The Connection with the Forest line is inspired by shapes found in the forest in the winter season: drops of frozen dew, stalactites or pebble stones, as well as other natural elements such as insects or berries and the seeds that precede the arrival of the first snowfalls.

The brown of the withered leaves is transmitted through the leather, the seeds grow in colored resins and the purity of the snow is represented through silver-coated metal.

The necklace on the left is called "And I flew".  Interesting!

The Connection with the Magic line is inspired by the connection to nature and the astonishing show of the Northern Lights.  The jewels reflect the light and sparkle of this magical occurrence by using Swarovski Elements crystals that are fused with the shine of silver-coated metal.

In this line, the crystals take on different ranges of the aurora with blue, green, grey, and pink hues to transmit the color and beauty of this phenomenon in each one of the jewels.

I love this necklace!  For some reason, it reminds me of the phrase "Winter is coming..." from the series, A Song of Fire and Ice.

The Connection with Vastness line is inspired by the human connection experienced on coming into contact with the vastness of the landscape.  The views from the mountaintops and the infinite white expanses are materialized in each one of the pieces of this line.

The designs of organic shapes are reminiscent of vegetation capped with snow and ice.  Made entirely of silver coated metal, the pieces exude a cold and naked appearance, evoking the sense of stillness, silence, and peace that the connection with these winter scenes awakens in us.

Part of this line is a limited edition necklace called "Give me tracks".

The Connection With Intimacy line is inspired by the inner peace, serenity, and repose the human being feels in connecting with one's self.

The heart-shaped clasps are metaphors for the doors that lead us on a journey through emotions, while other elements such as the old keys or the zips, also represent that encounter with our inner lives.

OOTD Time!  My one piece suit is from Morgan (a gift from Senator Pia Cayetano).  My necklace is by one of my favorite designers Ken Samudio (who just came back from Italy for a Vogue feature).  My sandals are from Topshop.  My bag is from Coach.

With Rochelle Romero and Michelle Teves.

So happy with our new UNO de 50 loot.  Thank you UNO de 50!!!

With Ainsly Aguilera and Michelle Teves.

The reveal.  I am so, so in love with it!  I can wear this everyday!!!  And I am wearing it almost everyday.  Thank you again for this gift UNO de 50 xoxo

Before I end this post, just noticed how I've been to Megamall so many times this year for events and what nots, which is probably more than my visits during the last 10 years of my life :D

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