Ultimate Whitening Facial by Flawless.

I was invited by Flawless Face & Body Clinic to their SM Megamall branch for the Ultimate Whitening Facial, the first facial treatment in the country that uses a combination of natural exfoliators, antioxidants, and whitening agents to lighten the skin and treat hyperpigmentations, photo damage, and premature aging.

Before undergoing the treatment, the receptionist makes me fill up a patient chart with my personal information and health history.

Then she asks me to wait in this pretty reception area while she calls the resident doctor.

The doctor assesses my medical history, as well as my skin, to determine whether the Ultimate Whitening Facial is safe for my skin.

To be honest, I'm not really very skin conscious.  I don't use sunblock during beach trips even if I would stay under the sun the whole day.  I don't use lotion on my skin or creams on my face.  I don't drink water at all.  But when I read articles about how we should take care of our skin, especially as we get older, I am encouraged to take the necessary "preventive" measures to fight against aging.

This is my "BEFORE" shot.

This next part is good news to germaphobes.  Everything is sanitized and sealed.

They make you sign the pack to acknowledge that it is sealed when handed to you by the attendant.

For an extra layer of hygiene, my attendant Grace asks me to spread antibacterial gel on my hands before entering the treatment room.

The All-Natural Ultimate White Facial makes use of two powerful ingredients that not only lighten and rejuvenate the skin but help improve its clarity and texture as well-- Dunaliella Seaweed and Gigawhite.  A unique alga endemic to the Dead Sea, Dunaliella Seawood is known to contain almost every amino acid that exist in nature and is a powerful skin anti-aging tool, while Gigawhite is a safe skin lightening agent used as a natural alternative to hydroquinone, the currently reigning king of skin lightening actives.  In addition, it also takes advantage of the natural skin lightening effects of Kojic Acid and Vitamin C.

We start with the cleanser.

Next is the exfoliator which Grace leaves on my face for 5 minutes.

Before rinsing of the exfoliator, Grace washes my hands with alcohol and wraps it with warm towels.

Third is the whitening treatment which smells like lemongrass and ginger.  Grace leaves it again on my face for 5 minutes.  

Last is a freezing cold mask.  At first I thought the tingling sensation is my skin reacting to the mask but it is just really cold.  After a few minutes, I get used to the tingling sensation and I begin to relax. Grace leaves it on my face for 10 minutes.

Before removing the mask, Grace gives me a shoulder massage.

My "AFTER" shot.

It may not be too obvious in the photo but I am amazed that after just one treatment, there is this instant whitening effect on my skin. 

Thank you Flawless Face & Body Clinic and Joel Quizon for this treat.  Til the next treatment!

Thank you to Holster Philippines for my sandals! They're available in Shoe Salon branches or at zalora.com.ph :)

Visit Date: 12 September 2014

Contact Information

5th Floor Mega B
SM Megamall
Mandaluyong City

Tel No.: (02) 687-9117
Mobile No.: (0917) 595-4429

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