The Wholesome Table in Bonifacio Global City.

After watching a movie in SM Aura, T and I check out this new healthy and organic restaurant in Bonifacio High Street called The Wholesome Table. The wait list is long and we settle for a table outside. 

I’m happy to see a sign saying that the outdoor area is a smoke-free zone. Before you give me any violent reactions.. I have nothing against smokers (almost all of my friends smoke!) but I developed an allergy to cigarette smoke just a few years back and I can’t breathe when exposed to it. Plus, when it’s not hot, I prefer to stay outdoors and enjoy the sun, but it rarely happens because the outside area is where smokers usually stay.

Even before our orders are taken, the hostess tells me and T that there’s an available table inside and asks if we’d like to transfer. It is quite hot that night so we said yes.

The Wholesome Table support earth-friendly concepts of organic food production, sustainable agriculture, and rely heavily on good weather conditions as well as fresh, daily deliveries from small farms. And because of this, their menu constantly evolves based on the seasonality of the ingredients. 

I'm not on the Paleo diet but most of my friends are and we talk about it all the time (Hi Liz and Tina!).  So correct me if I'm wrong but I believe dishes at The Wholesome Table are Paleo-friendly.

All of their produce comes from organic sources. They use meat from grass-fed cows that are raised without artificial hormones and antibiotics. Their poultry and eggs are all free-range and raised organically. They serve wild caught seafood. Except for their cheese, which comes from natural and organic sources, they do not use any other processed ingredients. They do not use bleached or bromated flour. There are no high fructose syrup or any artificial colors, flavors, additives, or preservatives in any of their food and drinks. They avoid using shortening and other sources of hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats. All of their sauces and condiments are natural and made from scratch. 

Paleo-friendly, right?

Here's a look at The Wholesome Table's menu.  Dishes are labeled V (for vegetarian), VGN (for vegan), GF (for gluten-free), NF (for nut-free), and DF (for dairy-free).

After taking our orders, our server gives us complimentary bread and butter.   I'm pretty sure this is not your ordinary bread made with flour, based on what's written on our placemats and on the menus about not using those kinds of ingredients. But we get no explanation or introduction from our server and so T and I eat it at face value.

For our drinks, T orders the Tamarind Iced Tea (P120/$2.60+10%SC) which is not that sweet and kind of on the bland side.  On the other hand, I order the Lemon Grass Iced Tea (P100/$2.20+10%SC) which also feels a bit watered down but can be remedied with a bit of Stevia.

For our starter, I order the Crispy Calamari (P200/$4.50+10%SC) which is lightly battered and fried sea-caught baby squid, served with lemon garlic dip.  The dish is labeled NF and DF.

T doesn't like squid that much but he said it's good even without the sauce.  I, on the other hand, like squid and love The Wholesome Table's version of calamari.  It's soft but not the gummy kind.  The outside batter is crispy too. 

For our main, T orders the Slow-Braised Pork (P990/$22+10%SC) which is slow-braised pork shanks in a light jus with roasted potatoes.  This dish is labeled NF and GF and is good for sharing.

It's not bad but I find the price a bit high for something that tastes like something we could make at home.  T thinks it has no flavor.  And I've always believed that not just because it's healthy or organic, doesn't mean it should be bland.

For our side, T got Roasted Vegetables (P90/$2+10%SC) which has roasted zucchini, carrots, potatoes, onions, and bell peppers.  It's also just ok but has a bit more flavor than our main.

Prices are inclusive of 12% VAT but exclusive of 10% service charge.   The "heal" stone is a nice touch.

Thumbs Up! 
Healthy and organic food.
Properly labeled dishes - V (for vegetarian), VGN (for vegan), GF (for gluten-free), NF (for nut-free), and DF (for dairy-free).
Good calamari.
Nice ambiance.
Free wifi.
Outdoor area is smoke-free.

Thumbs Down!
Both food and drink lack flavor, a bit on the bland side.

T and I love how there are more restaurants serving healthy and organic food, like The Wholesome Table.  I'm hoping we just ordered the "wrong" dish and that the other dishes will fare better in terms of flavor and presentation.  If we're in the area again, maybe T and I will come back to try other items on the menu.

The Wholesome Table
Dining Dtae: 12 September 2014

Contact Information

2nd Floor
30th Street corner 7th Avenue
Bonifacio High Street
Bonifacio Global City

Tel No.: 867-000

Twitter: @wholesomeph

Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday
11:00am - 10:00pm

Friday to Sunday
11:00am - 11:00pm


  1. In fairness, the prices are very reasonable ha. Though I'll wait for a few more months before I visit, baka they're still adjusting their flavors pa.

  2. MICHYMICHYMOO. Yes, for the other dishes but for the dish we ordered, not so reasonable :(

  3. Nice blog post. :)) I will try this out soon. Hope you read my blog too.

  4. MARC. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  5. MARC. Thanks for dropping by my blog :)


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