Oster Kitchen Conversations with Patty Laurel x Sinfully Sabrina.

Unlike my mom, my sister and I lack skills in the kitchen department.  Not that we're not interested because we love food!  I guess it's easier to do the eating than the cooking.  But ever since I've subscribed to Good Housekeeping and other food-related magazines, I've been curious about preparing meals.

Aside from these magazines, I also look at my friend Sab Cristobal-Go's Facebook wall for recipes.  Her posts are so interesting that I couldn't help but ask her why she's not keeping a blog.  Sab tells me that she already has one but she hasn't really been updating it for fear of not having readers.

"Are you kidding?" I tell her. "I know a lot of people will read it.  Your dishes are restaurant-worthy and yet still doable at home.  You should totally build up your blog."

So when I saw Sinfully Sabrina up and running, I was so happy for Sab!   Patty Laurel-Filart, another friend of ours, helped Sab plan her blog launch through Oster Kitchen Conversations.

It's a fun morning with an intimate group composed of Sab's family and friends: Patty, Kat Guidotti-Stehmeier, and Monica Sarmiento (myself included) are friends of Sab from high school; Kathleen Penaranda is a close friend of Patty's and the younger sister of another batchmate; and Aby Go is Sab's sister-in-law.  

Image credit: Patty Laurel

The beautiful table set up is by Kathleen.

On each table setting is a nice apron by Oster.  Just a backstory...

Before this, I had a cooking session with Sab in her house (which I'll write about soon).  I was so excited about it that, the day before, I bugged T to buy me an apron.  Of course, he rolled his eyes because he thinks I'm an eager beaver with the activities I'd get involved in.   But like all of the other times, he would still look for whatever it is I'm asking for.  So when we were in Podium, T tried to look for aprons but they were all sold out!  Like, hello.. Is everyone cooking now?   I ended up not bringing an apron to my first cooking session with Sab.  But come that day, Sab gave me one and T rolled his eyes again :D

And now, I have another apron to add to my one-apron collection, well, now two.

Roasted Corn, Tomato, and Pepper Chowder 

Sab begins by roasting vegetables using the Oster Double Contact Grill which has so many uses! As you will see later, the grill will also be used to make parmesan crisps for the chowder and also to make sandwiches.  

Then Sab uses the Oster Stick Mixer with Chopper and Whisk to mix everything in.  Everyone is wowed by this useful tool!

Once in a while, Kat checks in on the chowder while Sab is preparing for the other dishes.

Sab also teaches us how to make the parmesan crisps, which will be placed on top of the chowder, using the Oster Double Contract Grill.

Grilled Cheese and Basil Sandwich with Truffle Honey

This is the first thing I learned to "cook" as a child.  I'd fill the frying pan with lots of butter and make grilled cheese.   And ever since, I've loved this sandwich and all its variations.

Monic helps Sab make this sandwich.

Then Sab reveals her secret weapon.. Truffle oil honey.  The truffle oil is from Europe, a gift from her brother.  Sab passes the bottle of truffle oil honey and everyone says "aaahhhh..." after taking a whiff.

One-Pot Creamy Chicken Rice

Oster's Multi-Use Rice Cooker makes this dish easy to make. Just throw all of the ingredients inside and wait for it to cook.  That's it!

It's done.  My gosh, it's so simple. Even I can do this!

Calamansi Basil Slush

With the use of the Oster Blender, Sab teaches us how to make a Calamansi Basil Slush.  It's such a refreshing drink!  And the mason jars with calamansis are a nice touch.

Sweetheart Eclairs

Sab calls me to help her make the dessert.

Being the most undomesticated of the group (there's probably a toss up between me and Monic but she cooks a bit and I really don't so I guess the 'title' goes to me), I'm obviously not used to being in the kitchen.

Then Sab tells me, "Pour in 1 cup of water" and I give her the so-what-do-I-do face.  

"I can handle controversial issues or court cases but I can't handle water!" I joke and everyone laughs, including me and Sab.

But I get the hang of it and when Sab tells me to pour a pinch or two of sea salt, I do it without flinching ;)

While we are doing this, Kat helps by cutting the strawberries into heart shapes.

Aby, Kathleen, and I try to pipe out the eclairs and Monic joins us too.  It's not as easy as it looks!  We experiment with different shapes and sizes.

Kat and Patty help Sab with the next step.. Topping the eclairs with chocolate and filling them with strawberries.

Everyone is happy with how the eclairs turn out.  Patty captions this photo.. The sweethearts with the Sweetheart Eclairs ;)

Image credit: Patty Laurel

Finished Products

Here are the finished products.

Now it's time to eat!

Before going home, we are all given an Oster Stick Mixer, which everyone wanted from the start.  Thank you so much Joanne and Oster for this afternoon and the surprise!

Image credit: Patty Laurel

I'm so excited to use it to make soups or smoothies.  What a versatile tool!

To learn more about the dishes and how to make them, read Sab's blog post about Oster Kitchen Conversations HERE.  Also, read Patty's blog post about our afternoon HERE.  Happy Wednesday!

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