Osaka Ohsyo: Japan's #1 Gyoza, Now in Manila!

When I heard that the world's #1 gyoza place is opening in SM Megamall,  I wanted to try it but T and I rarely go beyond Makati.   Luckily, I had an errand to run in Ortigas so I went to Megamall after to check out Osaka Ohsho.

For the month of August, Osaka Ohsho had a "Buy 1, Take 1 Gyoza Afternoon Treats" promo.  Fortunately, it was extended until the day I went there.

What goes into making the world's #1 gyoza?

First, Osaka Ohsho values freshness above all.  A propriety blend of Japanese flour is used to make gyoza skin, keeping it thin but sturdy.  Also, only the freshest ingredients are used to make the stuffing of the gyoza, ensuring the best quality Japanese dumplings.  

Second, only highly-skilled Japanese trained chefs are allowed to handle the gyoza.  They are chefs who have undergone extensive training under Osaka Ohsho's Japanese master chefs on how to ensure consistency in their work, with just the right amount of amount held together by the special gyoza skin.

Last, the chef's work to adjust the heat of the machines by adding just the right amount of steaming water to achieve the perfect temperature in cooking the gyoza.  This is a skill acquired over years of experience because you cannot open the lid of the griller in the midst of preparing the gyoza. 

It was my first time dining alone in a place I don't usually go to so I took a corner table.

Thank you for the vote of confidence :D

Osaka Ohsho serves three different kinds of gyoza: Original, Cheese, and Nori.  As much as I love cheese, I know it will change the taste of the gyoza and the skin, which I wanted to experience here in Osaka Ohsho.  So I got one order of the Original Gyoza (P175 for 6pcs)...

...And another order of Nori Flavor Gyoza (P190 for 6pcs).

Both variants are so good. Now I know why they call this the number one gyoza in the world!  From the wrapper to the meat.. I have no words.  It's just that good. 

Even without the sauces, the gyozas are already great.  But my favorite is combining the chili and the soy sauce.  The other kind of sauce can stand on its own.

You can also order the gyoza as a 12 piece set or even frozen to take home.

At that time, there was a promo where you could get free miso soup just by posting a photo of your meal on Facebook or Instagram.

I posted a photo of my gyoza and true enough, they gave me free miso soup!

Because of the promo, I get another 12 pieces (6 Original, 6 Nori) of gyoza free!  I finish about 15 out of 24 and bring the rest to T for him to try.

Thumbs Up!
Best gyoza.
Free miso soup just by posting a photo of your meal.
Friendly and attentive servers.

Thumbs Down!
I only had one problem during my visit.  One of the servers  bills me for two orders of Nori Gyoza, which is more expensive than the Original Gyoza.  The difference is not that much but I just didn't get why.  The server tells me that it's because he has to bill me for the more expensive item.  I was like, "HUH?"
He calls the manager and the manager insists on billing me for two Nori Gyozas as well.  I tell them I am willing to pay but I want them to understand where I'm coming from.  We debate for a while until I thought that the best way is to do this "kindergarten style", like they're little kids and I'm the teacher.

Me: Let's pretend I just arrived.  Get a piece of paper.
Server and manager: Ok ma'am.

Me: Explain to me the "Buy one, Get one" promo.
Server: For every order of gyoza, you get another order free.
Me: Ok, so ask me for my order.
Server: What's your order ma'am?
1 Original Gyoza - 6pcs
1 Nori Gyoza - 6 pcs

(By this time the manager exclaims.. "Aahhhhh I undestand now" 
but the server is still clueless so he goes on)
Me: So if that's my order, what's my "get one"?

Server:  The same ma'am. 
1 Original Gyoza - 6 pcs
1 Nori Gyoza - 6 pcs

Me: Ok, now look at your order form.  How will you bill me now?

(Server finally getting it and both of them apologize profusely 
for the 15 minutes that we waste debating about this senseless billing problem)

I want to go back here with T so he can try a newly cooked batch of gyoza.  Yes, despite the sakit sa bangs moment, I will still come back.  Their gyozas are that good!

Osaka Ohsho
Dining Date: 29 August 2014

3rd Floor
Fashion Hall
SM Megamall

Mobile No.: (0917) 828-5011

Instagram: @OsakaOhshoPH


  1. I AM SKA. Thanks for dropping by! Hope you got your gyoza fix already :)

  2. Hey Jo, my wife ate there recently after their H&M experience and she actually loved the chicken karaage there

  3. BARTZZZZ. Oh! Will try that when we go back :) Thanks for the tip!


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