Krispy Skremes: Limited Edition Halloween Doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme Philippines surprised me yet again with a box of their limited edition Halloween doughnuts called Krispy Skremes.   Scare up a dozen with these spooky (but cute) treats which are available only for a limited time!

In one sitting (gasp), I ate two of these doughnuts called Sprinkles.

This is Boo Berry.


And his friend Skwish, the newest doughnut in the group.

This Skull doughnut is the cutest skull I've seen.

Of course, what Halloween set would be complete without Pumpkin?

Scarecrow seems lost without his straw body but is a must-try lip smacking peanut butter doughnut, topped with black chooclate and orange chocolate eye candy.

Isn't it cute that the Spiderweb doughnut has a ittle black spider icing on it?

My favorite design is Frankie.  He even has those bolts on his head.  So cool!  The doughnut is dipped in yellow vanilla icing, topped with luscious black chocolate with a Kitkat chocolate wafer bar sticking out of Frankie's head.

These special Krispy Skremes doughnuts are perfect for Halloween parties and are available only until November 2 so hurry to the branch nearest you!  Also check out the special edition Ghostbuster doughnuts Krispy Kreme has for Halloween.  

And on October 31, kids are invited to don their scariest costumes and drop by any Krispy Kreme store for Trick or Treat!

Spook and get spooked with the latest delectable Halloween treats from Krispy Kreme.  You can order online through Krispy Kreme's official website or you can call their delivery hotline at (02) 7-9000.  For more information about their doughnuts and promos, visit Krispy Kreme's Facebook page or follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@KrispyKremePH). 

Thank you again Krispy Kreme for giving me this #JoyInABox! xoxo


  1. the Sprinkles variant looks yummy! Can't wait to try the Frankie one x

    x Francesca of

  2. FRANCESCA. That's my favorite one too! :)


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