Sushi Ninja in Westgate Alabang.

Wanting to eat somewhere new, T and I visited Sushi Ninja which opened recently at Westgate Alabang.

The modern sushi and signature dishes in Sushi Ninja are created by Sushi Chef Matthew Floro Tanjuakio, a graduate of The California Sushi Academy and Tokyo Sushi Academy.

The inside of the restaurant has a nice vibe to it.  Still Japanese but hip and modern at the same time.  I particularly like these ninja stars on the wall.

The daily specials are written on blackboards in colored chalk.

Sushi Ninja is environment-friendly and uses paper straws instead of plastic ones. It looks nice with my Sprite Zero (P60/$1.40 + 10%SC).

The only downside to using paper straws is that it gets soaked easily, especially in shakes.  T had to ask for another one even before he was halfway done with his Mango Shake (P100/$2.30 + 10%SC).

T got his usual Miso Soup (P70/$1.60 + 10%SC).

And I ordered my usual Sake Sashimi (P260/$6 + 10%SC) which I like because the slices are thick and the salmon is fresh.

For our starter, T got Stuffed Shiitake  (P190/$4.36 + 10%SC) which is made of shiitake mushrooms stuffed with spicy tuna, lightly battered and deep fried.

This is T's favorite out of all the dishes we ordered.  I also like how spiciness of the tuna is combined with the neutral taste of the mushrooms.

Sushi Chef Matthew was inspired by his mentor at The California Sushi Academy and created the unique Toshi Nigiri Sushi line.  Toshi is a lightly-battered, deep fried sushi rice ball topped with combinations of different ingredients.

T ordered the Oedo-Toshi (P330/$7.55++) which has seared wagyu beef, wasabi mayo, and nevi.  This can be a complete meal in itself because it has beef and rice.

However, T and I found the meat a bit tough.  Whenever I see the word wagyu, the first thing that comes to mind is a soft piece of meat but this wasn't the melt-in-your-mouth kind.  It was just like normal beef.

Plus, there is more fat than meat, which probably what makes it even tougher and hard to chew.

T also ordered the Okinawa Toshi (P360) which has torched salmon and cream cheese, tobiko and truffle oil.

T likes this dish.  Although I couldn't taste the truffle oil, I find this so good and like this best out of all the dishes we ordered 

We always order tempura whenever we dine in Japanese restaurants.  Sushi Ninja serves them in 3, 5 or 8 pieces.  We got 5pc Shrimp Tempura (P340/$7 + 10%SC) which is just ok.  It didn't have the crunch that we usually look for in tempuras.

Thumbs Up!
Nice interior.
Unique food concept, toshi balls.
Attentive servers.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really except that I just got a bit dizzy after eating so much fried food.

Sushi Ninja is a nice place to go to for dates since it's away from crowded malls.  It's also good for get togethers with friends since the vibe is hip and intimate.  The Toshi balls are worth a visit since it's a concept I haven't seen in other local Japanese restaurants.   A few tips: Share your order with friends because it's better to eat one or two toshi ball from each dish rather than 4 balls from the same dish.  Also, get something which isn't fried to go with your toshi balls so you won't be dizzy (like me and T) after eating all those deep fried food.

Sushi Ninja
Dining Date: 26 August 2014

Westgate Alabang
Filinvest Corporate City

Tel No.: (02) 556-7706
Mobile No.: (0917) 837-8744

Facebook Page
Instagram: @sushininjaph

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