Family Mart's Twirl-All-You-Can for 25 Pesos Ice Cream!

I definitely broke my "no to sweets" vow early this week.  I usually give in to the temptation during weekends but Family Mart's 25 Peso Twirl-All-You-Can ice cream is too good to pass up!  T and I went here after having dinner (read my blog post about Sensei Sushi) in BF Homes.

Oh my gosh.  Our bill is only 50 pesos!! I love it.

Family Mart's soft serve ice cream comes in three flavors: Salted Caramel, Green Tea, and a combination of the two.

T and I always challenge each other, even in the most mundane things. This time it was who could make the best Family Mart ice cream twirl.  I felt like I got this and went first.

While doing my twirl, I told T it was not as easy as it looks.  He just laughed at me.

Then he laughed some more when I was done with my ice cream twirl and went on to make his.

As soon as he twirled, he realized what I meant when I said it's not as easy as it looks.  The cone is too big for the space between the ice cream dispenser and the tray so you have to hold your cone sideways which causes the ice cream to fall off the cone while twirling.

Here we are with our finished products.  Please tell me whose ice cream twirl looks better (vote me! me! me!).

A group of students went after us.  T and I were amazed with their ice cream twirling skills because they could fill up an entire cone beautifully.  And then this happened.

I had to take a photo of the girl who made the fantabulous twirl and the guy who dropped it on the floor.  So funny!  Thanks for giving us a laugh that night :)

While eating our ice cream creations, T and I had a quick look at the goodies being sold in Family Mart.  I love this aisle with all the flavors of Pocky and Green Tea Kit Kats!

Anybody want some Collons? :D

Wait.  I didn't forget.  So who won the ice cream twirl challenge?  Me or T? :D

Family Mart
Dining Date: 8 September 2014

Ground Floor
Unit 1 CMSR Building
88 Presidents Avenue
BF Homes
Paranaque City


  1. is family mart in bf home new? saan xa malapot sis?

  2. is family mart new in bf? saan malapit yan sis?

  3. LEE. Fairly new. It's along Aguirre opposite KFC :)

  4. Can't wait to try the salted caramel!

    x Francesca of

  5. I love Family Mart kaya we're praying na mag-open sila near sa office namin. hehehe. :)

  6. FRANCESCA. They say there are other flavors like Raspberry and Chocolate! Hope you got to try the Salted Caramel one :)

  7. MICHYMICHYMOO. I hope so too! Lots of good stuff in Family Mart <3

  8. wow. siguro ito yung pinipilahan ng mga bagets minsan sa Family Mart. Nagtataka ako every time na napapadaan ako ng Pres. ave. sa Family mart, madalas maraming tao sa loob. I'm pretty sure the twirl-all-you-can has something to do with it na rin :) Thanks for the blog post! I became curious tuloy about the salted caramel and how it tastes like :P

  9. MONA. Yes that's probably it! They even had a super promo and made it 15 pesos only!! Salted caramel is good. Not too salty, although I like it salty. Pretty good ice cream for 25 pesos :) Thanks for dropping by!


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