Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish in Commercenter Alabang.

While Jollibee was having its Chicken Joy fiasco, I wanted fried chicken so T and I tried CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish in Commercenter Alabang.

CocoHut is just opposite Army Navy and seem to have the same owners because the decors are similar.

For his drink, T got a large Teamarind (P75/$1.75) which tastes like Army Navy's iced tea but the subdued version of it, with a hint of tamarind.

I ordered a cup of Clam Chowder (P120) which is rich cream-based soup with clams and potatoes.  The chowder lacks flavor but I like how they didn't scrimp on the clams and potatoes. 

I got the Hut Chicken - Breast (P105/$2.50) which is spicy breaded deep fried chicken tossed in special hot sauce.  I don't eat any chicken part except breast so I'm happy that you can actually choose what part you want here in CocoHut, unlike in other restaurants.  This dish doesn't come with gravy because the chicken is spicy already.  

T ordered Poor Man's Fish (P175/$4) which is deep fried Galunggong tossed in leeks and chili, served with rice, coco squash, and spicy soy vinegar.  T really likes this and made me try it.  I like how the fish is the crunchy type that you can eat whole and not worry about the bones.  The squash soup is really good, too.  I'll probably get this next time we visit.

Someone's hungry!  T also got Classic Fried Chicken - Breast (P95/$2.20) which is breaded deep fried chicken served with pepper gravy.    I tried this and found it just ok, even with the gravy.

Thumbs Up!
Nice ambiance.
Open 24 hours.
They cook the food when you order it so you're not eating reheated food.
Can choose the chicken part to order.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

It's not the best fried chicken I've had but Coco Place is a "healthier" (I'm using quotation marks since it's still deep fried) alternative than getting fast food in the wee hours of the night when everything is closed.

Coco Hut Fried Chicken & Fish
Dining Date: 19 August 2014

Contact Information

The Commercenter Alabang
Commerce Avenue
Filinvest Corporate City

Tel No.: (02) 804-0854

Operating Hours

Monday to Sunday
24 hours


  1. A fried chicken place that cooks everything to order is impressive enough, but they cook to order 24 hours a day?? That's enough to enter my top ranks!

  2. CAPIZENA. That's what they say :)

  3. Haha Jo, is the Galunggong really that good for 175? I could not get past the price of a fish I know is something I buy as a good pampatawid

  4. UNKNOWN. Hello! Honestly, I think it's expensive at 175. But it was late at night and the only choices left are fast food restos. So I wrote this blog post in that context.. Somewhere I can eat "real" food at that hour :)

  5. Barts ito btw haha so in context alam mo na rin how I feel about expensive food though yeah, at that late hour you would want something homey

  6. UNKNOWN. Hey Barts! Yup, it's good food for those midnight cravings or after gimik stuff. And places that are open 24 hours with quality food are really rare in the South :)


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