Black Sheep in BGC.

I've heard so much about Black Sheep in Fort so when I received an invite from TW Steel for the launch of their new collection to be held there, I was excited!

This is Black Sheep's regular menu.  It's P1,900 ($44) per person (inclusive of tax but subject to 10% service charge) for a starter, a main, and a dessert.

However, some options entail extra costs.  For example, prawns cost an additional P300 ($7), tenderloin P1,900 ($44), and rib eye P2,200 ($50).    Honestly, it's kind of confusing. It would've been better if they offered dishes in the same price range on one menu and the more expensive dishes on another.

For the event, the dishes were pre-selected so here's a rundown of what was served to us.

Amuse Bouche: Chicken-N-Egg

Props for presentation.  The contreau foam kept its shape even long after it was served.  The stick held a piece of chicken so I guess it was supposed to mimic balut.  In fact, I think they were successful as the beer glaze tasted exactly like balut broth.

I like this amuse bouche but the concept would've been more amazing if we were in another country.  Being in the Philippines, it's not that impressive since balut isn't that exotic and hard to get.    Maybe if they played with a real balut and made something out of it, that would've been better.  But what do I know?  I'm not a chef ;)

Although people (members of the media) in our table were thinking of the same thing, "Why didn't they just serve balut?".

Appetizer: Longganisa

Everyone was excited for the starter since the menu said longganisa, pork flakes, and black rice.  So when an ice cream dish was placed in front of us, everyone was boggled.    At first, I thought it was something to cleanse the palate, kind of like a sherbet, but the server said this was it.

I saw people take a single bite then push their bowl away.  Only I, with the worst sweet tooth, dug in and appreciated the combination of ice cream and pork flakes.  I really couldn't taste the longganisa though, and the texture of the black rice didn't quite mix well with the rest of the components of the dish.

As I was halfway done, I bit into something slimy and sour.  Apparently, it's vinegar jelly.  That was too much for me and I push away my half-eaten bowl away, like everyone else.

Main Course: 36 Hour Pork & Free Range Chicken

Finally, something that we could actually eat without any qualms.  I like the chicken and pork and also how they foamed the vinegar.  Once again, presentation is superb!   Everything is laid out perfectly.  

The only negative comment I heard about this dish was the serving size.  A member of the media asked our server if this was their regular serving or it was made smaller just for the luncheon.  The server said this was the regular serving, which took everyone maybe 5 or 6 bites to finish.

Dessert: Cigar

Everyone got excited for this.  They were all counting on dessert to "save" the meal.  I mean, how can you go wrong with dessert?  Well, this dish just gave us the answer to that question.

I was posting photos of the event on Instagram so everyone ate dessert ahead of me.  Since I wasn't really paying attention, I was surprised to see everyone with funny expressions on their faces when I looked up.  I didn't think any of it and went ahead to eat the brownie-looking side of the dish.

Okay, so far so good. 

Then I went and dug into the pannacotta-looking part of the dish.  As soon as I put a piece in my mouth, I immediately spit it out on a napkin.  Augh.  It literally tasted like cigar.  I don't smoke and don't really like the smell of smoke so imagine my revulsion.

In fact, someone on our table exclaimed that she smokes but she could not eat this for the life of her.   

Honestly, the food wasn't that unsatisfactory.  It was different, yes, but not entirely bad.  The only thing I disliked was the dessert.  It was such a great disappointment for me since dessert has always been my favorite part of a meal.

Fortunately, the event was for the launch of TW Steel's beautiful new collection and not for Black Sheep.  In my table, no one liked the food. Around us, I could overhear people jokingly ask for french fries.  When servers went out and started serving fries and croquettes, I wondered if they heard the clamor for "normal food" or it was just a coincidence.

Thumbs Up!
Two thumbs up for the food presentation.
Interesting dishes.
Nice ambiance being on the top floor of the building.
Open kitchen (always a plus for me!).

Thumbs Down!
I understand the concept of degustation or other fine dining experiences but the servings are too small and the prices are too high.

Dining in Black Sheep is definitely a gastronomical adventure.  If you want something you haven't tried before, then pay a visit to this restaurant.  However, I think the price for the set menu is too steep given the taste and the serving size.  I don't mind paying for really good food but I have my limits.  I'll probably go back here but only to have drinks in the evening.

Black Sheep
Dining Date: 25 July 2014

Contact Information

The Penthouse at W Fifth Building
32nd Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City

Tel No.: (02) 478-4498
Mobile No.: (0917) 871-4388

Twitter: @BlackSheepBGC
Instagram: @BlackSheepBGC

Operating Hours

Monday to Saturday
7:00pm onwards


  1. Basing on your critic, I think I would pass this place.. Thanks for an honest review!

  2. I understand your sentiments about the dessert because I don't smoke myself and I hate the smell of smoke. Why, on earth, would they serve a dessert without thinking of the guests? What if there's somebody pregnant there? :|

  3. me too, I'll pass. dessert that taste like cigar? yuck! and given that the prices are high and servings small, definitely not appealing for me.

  4. CHEEKEEGIRL. Yikes! I usually don't want to discourage people from eating in restaurants but I was just being honest :s It's still worth trying for the adventure of it, just don't order the Cigar!

  5. MICHYMICHYMOO. I actually don't know if it has nicotine but even if it doesn't, I still couldn't stand the taste of it. But that's just me (and the rest of the people that day). Some people may actually love it. Who knows ;)

  6. LIZ MARTIN. Yes, prices are a bit high that's why I can't really recommend dining here. Maybe if it were a bit lower? But then again, it might lose its "high end" appeal, being in such a posh place.


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