Yabu: The House of Katsu in Alabang Town Center.

T and I always go back to Yabu: The House of Katsu.  That's why we immediately said yes to Mish who arranged a dinner at the Yabu branch in Alabang Town Center.

We started with a couple of appetizers.  You can order any two of the following for P205 ($4.50++):

Sensei Sushi in BF Homes.

If there's one cuisine I could eat every day, it would be Japanese.  So when T's sister Michelle told me that she tried a good Japanese restaurant in BF Homes, I told T I wanted to go there after a long day at work (which is when I need good food the most).

It's pretty hard to find Sensei Sushi since it's just a little hole-in-the-wall. T had to drive slowly along Aguirre Avenue so we wouldn't miss it. As a guide, look for this sign on your right (if you're coming from Alabang) between a Nuat Thai massage place and a Korean grocery.

Orange Whisk Restaurant and Patisserie.

The thing about most people who live in Alabang is that they don't go anywhere.  And when I say 'anywhere', I mean even places like Sucat or Las Pinas which are just a few kilometers away.   Just a few nights ago, at a birthday party of a friend in her house, everyone was saying how they can't imagine going out for dinners or night outs anymore, especially with the worsening traffic situation and the equally exasperating parking woes.  Although T and I still frequent Makati and Bonifacio Global City to eat, most people here are tamad to go out, especially at our age or older.   

So it was a delight when I found out that we have an invitation from Orange Whisk Restaurant and Patisserie in Better Living to try their dishes.  It's a good excuse to get out of our homes and try something new.

Giveaway: Win a Heat-Activated Kikkerland Morph Coffee Mug from Urban Apparel (CLOSED)

I don't have the energy to write blog posts for this week because I'm down with the flu.  But I don't want a complete blog hiatus so I'm leaving you with a present!

Urban Apparel is giving away a Kikkerland Morph Coffee Mug to one lucky reader of Joei & Me.   The coffee mug is heat-activated and changes artwork while you drink.  Definitely a must-have for coffee drinkers!  So cool. 

Family Mart's Twirl-All-You-Can for 25 Pesos Ice Cream!

I definitely broke my "no to sweets" vow early this week.  I usually give in to the temptation during weekends but Family Mart's 25 Peso Twirl-All-You-Can ice cream is too good to pass up!  T and I went here after having dinner (read my blog post about Sensei Sushi) in BF Homes.

Coco Hut Fried Chicken and Fish in Commercenter Alabang.

While Jollibee was having its Chicken Joy fiasco, I wanted fried chicken so T and I tried CocoHut Fried Chicken and Fish in Commercenter Alabang.

Limited Edition Krispy Kreme x Cadbury Doughnuts.

It's been so hectic the past couple of weeks (or should I say months) so I rely on random compliments, little acts of kindness, and sweet surprises to keep me going.  My happy thought yesterday, which you probably saw on my Instagram, was this box of limited edition Cadbury doughnuts from Krispy Kreme Philippines!

I was on my way to work when T called saying I had a package at my blog shipping address.  Unless it's food, T never bugs me to pick it up the day it's delivered.  I don't schedule deliveries on weekdays though so I wondered what it was.


Now Watching: If I Stay.

My sister has been telling me about this book when I was in the States.  So I downloaded it to my Kindle but I wasn't able to start on it because we were always out and about.  Before I knew it, the movie version is already showing in the cinemas here.

I usually don't like watching a movie before reading a book that I've been wanting to read.  But I probably won't be able to read it any way so last week, T and I saw "If I Stay" at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

I was teary-eyed throughout the movie, especially during the parts about Mia's family.  I never saw the trailer so I was surprised with the events that transpired (and that probably made me cry even more).

Sushi Ninja in Westgate Alabang.

Wanting to eat somewhere new, T and I visited Sushi Ninja which opened recently at Westgate Alabang.

Mura Sarap All Natural Bagoong.

I'm not that adventurous when it comes to food.  I can't eat balut (developing duck embryo), isaw (barbecued intestines) or dinuguan (pork blood stew) even if they are well-loved food delicacies in the Philippines.  I can't even eat chicharon bulaklak (crackling intestines) even if T loves it so much.

But there is one thing I can eat and actually love... Bagoong! So when Mura Sarap said they'll send me their all natural bagoong, I immediately asked my mom to buy green mangoes so I can eat it with bagoong when I get home!

Four things you should know about Mura Sarap bagoong:

Gilas Pilipinas #PusoToTheMax Cheer!

Despite one heartbreaking loss after the other, let's all keep the faith and still cheer for our Gilas Pilipinas team.  

Black Sheep in BGC.

I've heard so much about Black Sheep in Fort so when I received an invite from TW Steel for the launch of their new collection to be held there, I was excited!

The Best Mocha Torte Ever!

My friend from law school Mika Cipriano-Licuanan has ventured into making goodies that will delight your taste palette.  Yes, she's a lawyer but she bakes and is a super mom too!

Try her Mocha Torte which has light, chewy layers of merengue, mocha buttercream, and crushed cashew.  It's soooo good!  My mom said she could eat the whole box that Mika gave me but she had to leave some for T to try.  T found it insanely delicious.  

This dessert is available at Sunshine Kitchen and Brasserie Girolle in Bonifacio Global City.

Tus Restaurant in Westgate Alabang.

Calling all ladies who lunch (and brunch), here's a nice place for you to try in Westgate Alabang.. Tus Restaurant!  T and I arrived a bit late so Mish was kind enough to let me use her photos for this blog entry.   Here's a rundown of the things we tried. 

Pineapple Float (P390/$9)
I've never tried ice cream on my pineapple juice before so this is a first.  It's surprisingly good!