My Ramen Yushoken Disappointment.

Without me having to explain further, everyone can relate when I say it was TRAFFIC HELL yesterday.  During the drive home, I was tired and hungry, and the only thing I looked forward to is a hot bowl of my favorite ramen from Ramen Yushoken in Molito Alabang.

During my recent visits, I order the same thing every time... Karai Tokusei (P420/$10++) which is the spicy version of Tokusei with 24 ingredients, including miso base and several types of chilies.  I like it because the broth is served separately from the noodles and this is what it usually looks like:

But this is what I got yesterday.  It may look similar to the photo above but let me tell you what's wrong with it.

At first, I thought the bowl was smaller than the usual but I brushed it aside attributing it to hunger and dizziness.  Then when I looked closely, I noticed that my bowl was only half full.  But I still let it go thinking I need to enjoy this meal after going through that awful traffic.

I started to get really disappointed when I dug into the bowl, which, again, is only half full, to find that the broth was so watery when it was supposed to be thick.  Worse, there's almost no ground pork when my previous bowls have almost equal amount of meat and broth in it.  I notice these things because this is exactly why I like this type of ramen.  I'm not really a broth person so I like it that there is the same amount of ulam and soup in my ramen.  But not this time.  Finally, instead of a huge chunk of pork,  there's only a measly strip of fat inside my ramen bowl.

I called the attention of our server to this matter but after I was done talking, she just stared at me blankly.  So I told her that I'm not asking for my ramen to be replaced but as a regular customer, I just wanted them to know that what was served to me was not of the same quality I'm used to.  She finally replied, "Baka kulang lang ng ground pork" but that just wasn't it.  

Sorry I had to rant about this.  You guys read my other reviews of Ramen Yushoken where I was all praises.  Yesterday was just really disappointing given the circumstances (aka traffic) surrounding my dining experience.

Thumbs Up!
Quick service despite the dinner rush.

Thumbs Down!
Bowl of broth only half full.
Broth was watered down.
Almost no ground pork in my broth.
Only a small piece of fat instead of a long strip of pork was in my ramen.

I'm pretty sure I'll eat here again since it's one of my favorite ramen places but maybe not in the near future, lest I get disappointed again.  It's too soon.

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Ramen Yushoken
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