Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes.

My mom was the one who told me about this relatively new cafe owned by a Korean in Molito Alabang called Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes.   We went here after our dinner in Ramen Yushoken.

I like the ambiance of the place.  Plus, they have good lighting.

There's a whole row of goodies in the middle.

These are the ones that caught my eye:

Sugar Free Fig Baguette (P75/$1.80)
I haven't seen a fig baguette yet and this one is sugar free!

Walnut Castella (P40/$1)
This looks good in person so I got one.

Red Bean Chapsal Donut (P25/$0.50) and Red Bean Donut (P36/$0.83)
For the red bean lovers.

Heart Egg Toast (P69/$1.60)
I'm not fond of plain eggs on toast but I had to take a photo of it because I found it cute and unique.

There are also different cakes in the fridge.

The nice thing about Mr. Park's is that they give samples for you to try.

They even give sample slices of cakes!

I wasn't able to take a photo of the cream puffs I got but the prices range from P8 to P10 per piece.  I got a few pieces of each flavor-- plain, chocolate, strawberry, and green tea.  The cream puffs are not bad but also not something to-die-for.  I also found the strawberry cream puff too sweet but the green tea and chocolate cream puffs are good.  Plain cream puff is so-so.

Thumbs Up!
Nice ambiance.
Free samples.

Thumbs Down!
Anything that's in the Molito Arcade means you have to pay P20 parking fee (no grace period).

I have yet to try the other breads I bought but if I wanted to go somewhere not so crowded and comfortable to read or to blog, I think I'll give this place a visit next time.

Mr. Park's Bread and Cakes
Dining Date: 4 August 2014

Contact Information

Molito Complex
(opposite Gold's Gym)


  1. How cute the puppy cake is!! There's also a branch in Ortigas but I haven't been there yet. I should visit soon. :)

  2. MICHYMICHYMOO. Ya the puppy cake is cute! That's what caught my eye kaagad :)


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