Coffee Appreciation Afternoon in Newport Mall.

I love coffee.  So when I received an invite to a Coffee Convention in Eastwood while I was in the US, I was sad that I missed it!  Fortunately, there's a similar event held last Saturday in Newport Mall Resorts World Manila called Coffee Appreciation Afternoon.

I missed the 2pm Pour Over Demonstration by Bo's Coffee so I went around the booths first before the next program started.

Allegro Beverage

#YKW Roasters
I think YKW stands for You Know Who.

Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery
Tel No: (02) 631-0492
Facebook Page:

I was a greeted by a nice lady named Carmelita Desuasido, operations manager of Tanay Hills Coffee Beanery, who explained to me the different kinds of coffee that they offer.

The Tanay Hills Blend is made up of mostly Barako coffee plus Robusta and Excelsa coffee beans.

She also offered me a cup of alamid coffee, which is from droppings (yes, POOP) left by wild civets in the mountains.   Sounds gross but it's the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world.  Remember Jack Nicholson's coffee in the movie Bucket List?  This is it.

Coffee lover that I am, I still have not tried civet coffee until that day.  Tanay Hills' version tastes chocolate-y for some reason, but the dark kind.  I like it but thought it would be much stronger in taste.

Kapeng Bailen
Contact Information: (0908) 897-7163

This coffee comes from Bailen, Cavite. Hence, the name.  Robert Bersabe, Vice-Chairman of Cafe de Bailen, said that Sonya's Garden in Tagaytay and a dampa restaurant in Daang Hari serve his brand.  They wanted me to taste their blend but I still had my alamid/civet coffee so I wasn't able to try.

Malago/Kick-Start Coffee
Contact Information:

The person in charge of the booth made me taste their hot chocolate.  I like it because it's almost like coffee, just not as strong in taste.

Monk's Blend
Tel No.: (0922) 920-2208

The people here weren't that friendly so I just got a flyer.  The reason why I still wanted to write about them despite the inattentiveness is because the coffee is a product of the monks from the Monastery of Transfiguration in Bukidnon.  


Even Nescafe has a booth promoting their newest product, Creamy White Coffee.  I'm not fond of instant coffee or coffee with stuff mixed in it since I like my coffee black, but I should've just tried it.  Now I'm curious about how it tastes like.  

Hashtag: #DOTD, Drink of the Day.

Bennett and Palmer
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @global_gourmet
IG: @global_gourmet

I found this booth interesting because it offers more than just coffee.  Mark Eya, Bennett Palmer's sales specialist, introduced me to the different products that they sell.


Le Petite Epicerie Saigon Jams are made with 100% natural fresh fruit and pure cane sugar, without preservatives and food coloring and have a shelf life of 1 year.   I love jams like this!  Plus, the flavors are pretty unique, too: Pineapple Cinnamon, Papaya Vanilla, Passion Cardamom, Mulberry, Mango Ginger and Strawberry Mint.  I was able to try all of them.

The best buy would be the Discovery Box (P400) which includes all 6 flavors in 30g jars.  But if I were to buy a big jar, my favorite would be the pineapple cinnamon.  Unfortunately, I'm trying to go on a detox and that includes staying away from all sweet things even if it's made with cane sugar.  When I'm off this detox, I'll definitely get a bottle.

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is an award-winning brand of single-origin dark chocolate from Vietnam.   Fortunately, my detox does not prohibit me to eat dark chocolate.  So I'm good with this!

Hello 5 Coffee is also based in Vietnam.  These Coffee Deluxe Sets, which come with 250g of Vietnamese ground coffee and a traditional Vietnamese filter, is a nice Christmas or birthday gift idea.

Thank you for giving me a bar of Marou chocolate and a pack of Hello 5 coffee to try at home.  This is perfect during my detox since I can eat dark chocolate and drink black coffee.

Risa Coffee Barks

I won a box of chocolates from Risa because I answered this trivia question correctly, "Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity in the world.  What is the first?"

Cafe Maxims/Gourmet Farms

Out of all the coffees in the area, I'm most familiar with this one because for a time, I buy this brand from the supermarket.

After I went around, the Coffee Roasting Demo by #YKW Roasters was about to start.


Next up is the Varieties of Philippine Coffee Talk by Gourmet Farms.

Then Yardstick talked about "What Makes Specialty So Coffee Special?".

Tristan Destura of Andros wowed the audience with his 3D Latte Art and Latte Portraits Demo.

I didn't know he was making a latte portrait of me until he said, "Sorry I can't do red lipstick ha".  Amazing!

This is the first time I've seen 3D Latte Art.  So cool!

The last part of the program that I was able to listen to was The Art and Science of Espresso Preparation by Allegro Beverage.  After this part, I had to leave because T was outside already and we had a dinner to go to. 

Before I end this post, let me tell you about the limited edition coffee dishes and desserts available in selected Newport Mall dining establishments from July 28 to Aug 10. 

Bloggers and members of the media were asked to try samples of coffee-infused food.

Krazy Garlik is serving Affogato Trifle which contains bittersweet layers of coffee jelly, meringue, and whipped cream topped with hot espresso shot.  Sugar + Coffee?  Happiness ;)

I love Johnny Chow's Coffee Pork Spareribs with Tapioca which comes with cuapao bread and kimchi on the side.  Coffee?  Tapioca?  Kimchi?  It seems like a weird combination but I like this dish.

Another interesting food item I like is the Barako Cheesecake from Red Crab.

I love truffles so this was such a treat. Cafe Maxim's Coffee Truffles which are truffle-shaped coffee flavored ganache coated with dark chocolate and rolled in coffee and cocoa powder.

Another Cafe Maxim creation is the Biscotti Cappuccino which has macadamia and pistachio nuts.

Yet another one from Cafe Maxim's.. Coffee Choco Macapuno Bread which is sweet dough bread filled with coffee-flavored custard, bits of chopped dark chocolate and strings of macapuno.

You can get this Mocha Pound Cake from the R-Bar of Remington Hotel.

The restaurants who are participating in Coffee Infusions are Red Crab, Bo's Coffee, Cafe Maxims, Mr Kurosawa, Johnny Chow, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Remington, UCC, Villa del Conte.

And also until August 10, you can check out the Coffee Exhibit at the hallway area on the ground floor of Newport Mall where mouthwatering photos of coffee infusions and coffee latte art from Crisostomo, Bo's Coffee and UCC Cafe Terrace are on display.  You can also see art made from coffee grounds by Vincent Navarro.

Thank you Megaworld Lifestyle Malls for inviting me to your event.  And yes, I agree.  Life begins after coffee!

 For inquiries on Coffee Creations at Newport City, call the Megaworld Lifestyle Malls Concierge at (02) 709-9888, (02) 709-0888 or (0917) 838-0111 or visit


  1. A wonderful place for coffee-addicts like me.. Delicious barako cheesecake!!!

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  3. CHEEKEEGIRL. Yes! My two favorite things.. Cheese and coffee! <3

  4. KORYN. Definitely heaven. I was so high on the smell of coffee. Crashed after drinking so much :D


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