Boracay (part 2): Two Season's Bar Lo and The Famous Oyster Sisig.

...continued from Part 1: Two Seasons Resort.

Since I have a lot of travel posts in my drafts folder, I'll just publish one every so often for Throwback Thursday.   This is my birthday trip to Boracay last year.  I wrote this piece for a travel writing class I took at Gotham Writers New York so you might find it a bit different from my usual blog posts :)

After checking in and settling down, it was already noon so T and I went to Two Seasons' restaurant called Bar Lo for lunch. 

T and I stayed in one of the cabanas, which are small huts with wooden floors and thatched roofs, by the shore.

I ordered the famous Oyster Sisig (P300/$6.77+SC) since T and I have been so curious about this.

Sisig, in one of the Philippine dialects, literally translates as "to snack on something sour". But actually, it's a cooking method where pork is marinated in a sour liquid, usually lemon juice or vinegar, then seasoned with salt and pepper.

This is one of the reasons why Oyster Sisig is popular in Boracay, even among Philippine locals. Sisig usually refers to pork but Bar Lo came up with an innovation and used oysters instead. The dish may not look appetizing but don't let that fool you. Just a small bite and a number of flavors will ignite your palate. First salty, then peppery, and finally spicy. Some might find the dish quite bizarre at first but surely addicting on the second or third bite. Since it's very flavorsome, Oyster Sisig is best eaten with white rice.

Bar Lo also has what they call "Happy Hour" starting as early as 1 in the afternoon.

My favorite drink is the Bar Lo Mojito (P250) while T loves their Mango Margarita (P230).

There are a lot of other good dishes to try in Bar Lo.  They also offer exotic crocodile meat but I'm not that adventurous food-wise so no, I didn't try it.

The Four Cheese Pizza (P550+SC) which is a combination of bleu, cheddar, mozarella, and parmesan cheese is to die for.  A must try!

Another good dish is the Oyster Two Ways (P320+SC) which is an oyster platter served with cheese and garlic.

Our Two Seasons stay comes with breakfast so we have it every morning at Bar Lo.  They offer the usual Filipino fare of longganisa, eggs, bacon, fish, and rice.

They also have an omelet station...

And a pancake and bread station with different types of jam.  My favorite station!

I was surprised that on my birthday, they gave me a cake.  Awww!  I was so happy that day, being with T on my favorite island.  The sunny weather was a bonus since it was raining in Manila.  Happy birthday to me! :)

to be continued...

My Three-Oh in Boracay
Travel Date: 22-26 May 2013

more to come...

Two Seasons Resort

Tel. Nos.: (02) 410-2075 to 80

Station 1 - White Beach
Boracay Island
Malay, Aklan
Tel No.: (036) 288-4384


  1. The food at Two Seasons is really good! MrC and I had lunch there during our last Boracay trip and we also ordered the oyster sisig hehe!

  2. PATTY. I miss Two Seasons!!! The food and their suite!


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