NBA-Gilas The Last Home Stand Manila Charity Event 2014.

Hello! I'm back from my US trip so hopefully I have time to catch up on my blogging in the next few weeks.  But before I continue with my posts about our recent Hong Kong trip, I want to write about this first.

I'm sure all of you heard about the big controversy surrounding an event sponsored by PLDT and Manny V. Pangilinan (MVP).  If you haven't, well, there was supposed to be a game between NBA players and the Gilas Pilipinas team at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last week.  Patron seats reached P23,000 ($511) each but since there are a lot of basketball fans in the country, tickets still sold despite the steep prices.  Turns out, the NBA did not allow its players to do this event so the 5-on-5 game against the Gilas team was canceled and the players resorted to scrimmage and drills.

Everyone in the audience was booing and shouting "REFUND",  it was crazy!  I felt bad for the NBA players as well as for our Gilas team but I also emphatized with the people who spent their hard-earned money and was there to see an exhibition game.   PLDT and MVP ended up refunding everyone who purchased a ticket, as well as canceling the event the next day.  Reports say MVP spent at least P200M because of this blunder.

As luck would have it, I was given passes by one of the sponsors of the Gilas Pilipinas team (thank you Max's Chicken! #pusotothemax) so NBA fan T didn't have to buy tickets to the game.

Since my blog is a happy place and I try to keep it 99% negativity-free, I won't focus on the bad stuff that happened during the event.  Instead, here are a few photos and videos which may still be appreciated by NBA and Gilas fans alike.

The good times.. When the NBA players started to warm up.

I spy a "I heart Manila" shirt on an NBA player.

The guy in braids is Kawhi Leonard.   We were actually at a table next to him and Russell Westbrook in a San Diego club called Stingaree during 4th of July weekend but I couldn't take a photo because their possé told us not to and to "just let the guys have some fun" ;)

The NBA players started playing around and trying to shoot 3 points from afar.  Some of them were successful.

Not long after, the hosts introduced the players.

First to come out were the Gilas Pilipinas team members then the NBA players.

During the first few scrimmages, the crowd was still happy.

The dunking exhibition held the crowd's attention for a while.

When the crowd finally realized there wasn't going to be any exhibition game, everyone started to boo.  The NBA players tried to appease them by doing some dunks.

But when the hosts announced that the event was over, the crowd went crazy.  T and I left at once for fear of a stampede or a riot.  Fortunately, nothing like that happened but what a fiasco!  I'm pretty sure people got fired that night.

In case you've come across this blog post looking for information on how you can claim a refund for "The Last Home Stand" tickets you purchased, there are two ways:

1. Call these hotline numbers

(02) 836-5818
(02) 836-5890
(02) 836-5819

2. Email or text (0919) 614-0865 the following details:

1. Full name
2. 10-digit ticket number (can be found on the left portion of the ticket below the seat number)
3. Contact number
4. Email address

This information is from PLDT Home's Facebook page.  Goodluck!


  1. I heard about the disaster. I wonder how they could have dropped the ball on this one. I heard they didn't secure proper clearance/ permission for the NBA players to play. What a bummer. I know it's not the same as actually seeing a game, but a refund is a good gesture from the organizers.

  2. JEROME. I feel bad for the organizers as well. The top management, actually. But I don't know how someone (in the planning/operations team) can overlook something like this. Such a disaster!


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