Hong Kong (prelude): Welcome to HK!

I still have travel posts in my drafts folder but while my memory is fresh, I want to tell you about our trip to Hong Kong last week :)

Day 1

I almost didn't make it because I couldn't find my passport!  I searched everywhere for days… My house, the office, but I really couldn't see my passport and finally gave up.  But T said he'll try to help me look for it.  Well, I guess he has the magic touch because he found it! 

Before anything else, I want to introduce you to my friends.  From left to right: Gene Ong, me, Dianne Lee, and Ara Sam.  Not in the photo is Gene's fiancĂ©, Gilbert Yu, since he was our photographer for this picture.  You'll see more of them in my next posts about Hong Kong.

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