Hong Kong (part 4): NikeLab and Sogo Mall.

…continued from Hong Kong (part 3): Times Square and New Era Egg Waffles.

While eating our egg waffles, we walked to Pak Sha Road to find NikeLab.

NikeLab is the newest innovation which opened last month in a few select cities like New York, London, Milan, Shang Hai and Hong Kong.   It has a curated collection of limited editions, creative collaborations, and best selling Nike products.

Obviously, T was very happy to see NikeLab.

After NikeLab, we went to Sogo Mall to shop.  But aside from being a department store, the first Hello Kitty Le Petit Cafe in Hong Kong is also located there.

The cafe serves unique drinks, biscuits, Hello Kitty macarons, and frozen yogurt.

Another place to check out on the same level is Juchheim which serves good baumkuchen or layered cake.  Check out the line!

Juchheim is actually from Japan but gets its German name from its founder Karl Juccheim.  According to history, Karl was managing a pastry shop in China when he was captured by the Japanese Army.  He baked and sold baumkuchen at an exhibition of goods manufactured by war prisoners.

Juchheim layered cakes come in a chic orange box.

There are now different variations of this layered cake.  T got chocolate while I got the original one.

There are other food items worth buying at the basement level of Sogo like the best pineapple tarts I've tasted, as recommended by Dianne, and Achi Ichiban-like snacks such as lobster balls, wasabi balls, and seaweed balls.

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