Serenitea and Captain Pepper's Chicken Delight.

T and I have been Serenitea addicts to the point that staff in Serenitea branches we frequent look for me or T when they don't see us at least twice a week.  A few days ago, my mom said that when she had drinks delivered, the Serenitea staff asked how T was because they haven't seen him in a while.  So cute and funny!

I also like Serenitea's food.  Pepper Tofu and Chicken Chops have been constant favorites of mine, that is, until I discovered Serenitea has a new snack!

Chicken Delight (P120) is part of the Captain Pepper line of Serenitea that features Taiwanese street food.  It comes in three variants: Thai Pepper, Western, and Formosa.

Thai Pepper, as one shown above, is currently my favorite among the three. The dressing is a bit sour with a hint of spicyness.   Western has mustard and onions on top while Formosa is a bit lighter with only chopped tomatoes and basil as garnish.

Since the Thai Pepper Chicken Delight is a bit spicy, I pair it with a large Matcha Marvel Honey Dew Slush (P105) with Crystal Sinkers (P15).   I've been having this Chicken Delight + Matcha Marvel combo almost every day last week and this week.

Unfortunately, the Alabang Town Center Serenitea branches, as well as the Festival Mall branches, have run out of frappe powder so they
haven't been serving Matcha Marvels for the past few days.

Serenitea, please do something about this!  I'm going crazy over my cravings! #PMS


  1. I super love Serenitea too! I would always go to their Tomas Morato branch then when I bought a drink in the Katipunan branch, the server told me, "Ma'am, diba sa Tomas kayo? Bakit kayo nandito?" Hahaha! It was super funny.

  2. Cool! Didn't know Serenitea also offers food. Most of the stores I come across serve drinks lang e. =)


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