Pancake House's Mad Mallow Creme Toast.

Ever since I was a little girl, Pancake House has always been my favorite. Melvin, who was our favorite server when I was in grade school, is still there until now. And I learned later that the supervisor on duty also remembered little ol' me in my school uniform dining there with family or friends. Wow, talk about loyalty. These guys have been there for a while!
So because I'm a Pancake House fan, I immediately said yes to an invitation to try their Mad Mallow Creme Toast!
Server Melvin and I should have a loyalty award :D

The Mad Mallow Creme Toast is good for breakfast or dessert so I thought of having dinner first.

I ordered my favorite Hot Roast Chicken Special Set (P229+SC) which comes with a taco, macaroni salad, and an iced tea. This is what I order 90% of the time I'm in Pancake House.

For our drinks, I had a Grape Shake while T had a Mango Shake.

Then it was time to taste the Mad Mallow Creme Toast (P188+SC) which is a combination of Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme and peanut butter on lightly toasted bread with butter and sugar, drizzled with caramel, and served with chopped almonds.

They suggested that we eat it with bacon so we ordered a side order and asked it to be made extra crispy.

T and I love it! The saltiness of the bacon counters the sweetness of the toast. Perfect.
Thank you Pancake House and Kar for inviting me and T to try your newest creation. 

Thumbs Up!
Comfort food.
Value for your money.
Superb service.

Thumbs Down!
Nothing really.

I've tried a lot of other pancake places in the Philippines but Pancake House will always be my #1 :)

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Pancake House
Dining Date: 2 May 2014
Alabang Town Center
Delivery Hotline: (02) 588-2468


  1. Been meaning to try this as well!! It looks good.. and YES, everything is better with BACON!!

  2. I saw their billboard along EDSA this morning and I was sooo tempted to tell my driver to make a detour to Rockwell so I can do to Pancake House for the Mad Mallow Cream Toast. Unfortunately, discipline won and I had to go straight to where I was supposed to go.

    I hope to get my Mad Mallow Cream Toast fix this weekend :)

  3. Grabe, the servers at Pancake House ATC really are the same one from when we were little!!! I ate there once with Bong, and Nic and Camille Santos and they remembered us pa from when we were kids.

  4. I remember Melvin as well! Grabe, he's been there for ages! Which means we've been going back for a long time as well. :) I really love Pancake House! My fave is their House Specials Set. :D

  5. I should really go back to Pancake House soon! :)

  6. Nice! I've been seeing their ad for a while now but haven't had the chance to try it pa. Now, I'm definitely setting a date. =)


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