Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery in BF Homes.

Not to be confused with Magnum Cafe in SM Aura, Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery is a hole-in-the-wall treasure located in BF Homes Paranaque.  I'm always on the hunt for good coffee so while waiting for the lenses of all of my eyeglasses to be replaced (my grade went up!), I asked T if we could go there.


It might be hard to find since it's on the second floor of a building. So here's a photo of the facade you should look out for while searching for this coffee shop along Aguirre.

The interior is nice and cozy, with just a few tables and chairs around the bar.

I asked where the washroom was and the barrista told me it was in their outdoor area.

I almost went inside again to ask because I couldn't see it until I saw this unique door.

There were three blends available that day.  The first is the Brazil Yellow Bourbon which the barristas described to be a blend of cocoa and dried cherry.  The second is the Nicaragua Jinotega which is medium-bodied and has a hint of orange peel taste.  The third is the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe which has dried berries and a hint of floral and cocoa taste to it.  I chose the latter since it sounded the most unique out of all the three blends.

First, the barrista made me smell the coffee beans.

Then he started to prepare my coffee.

When the coffee was served, the barrista asked me to smell it again.  And when I said it was ok, that's when he asked me to pour the coffee into the glass.

It's time to enjoy my cup of coffee!

As for T, he got the Insane Monte Cristo (P240/$5) which is a thick country French toast filled with the good stuff: smoked ham, chicken roast, Swiss and American cheeses and served with homemade cherry jam.  Serving size is a bit small but the presentation is really nice.  T really likes this.

For his drink, T got the Chilled Heartbreaker (P175/$4) which is the chilled version of the Magnum Opus Mocha espresso with freshly melted dark Belgian chocolate and steamed milk. 

Thumbs Up!
Good coffee.
Nice ambiance.

Thumbs Down!
Dining area is a bit small so it might be hard to get a seat during peak hours.
Menu items are limited.

Will definitely go here for coffee in case we're in the area again.

Magnum Opus Fine Coffee Gallery
Dining Date: 27 March 2014

Contact Information

2F The Prime Building
Aguirre Avenue
BF Homes Paranaque

Mobile No.: (0939) 920 0701

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Sunday
10:30am - 11:00pm

4:30pm - 11pm


  1. I'm dying to try out this place! I love coffee! <3

  2. MICHYMICHYMOO. Let me know when you do!

  3. My friends and I actually went there last, last weekend but they were out of coffee :( So I guess it's really good, huh? :)


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