Chef's Noodle Robinson's Magnolia.

This week, I was invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony of Chef's Noodle's branch in Robinson's Magnolia.  The restaurant was brought to the Philippines through a master franchise from South Korea.

I was fortunate enough to meet Celebrity Chef Choi In Sun, a popular chef in Korea because of his TV program called Starking Show, who flew in just to attend this event.

I was particularly excited to try Starking Fire Sushi, a dish developed by Chef Choi, which is basically sticky rice balls topped with meat or seafood and served with soy dipping sauce and wasabi.

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a video I posted of the Starking Fire Sushi being torched in front of me. I found it pretty amazing because I've never seen anything like it. I asked the servers if I could torch the food myself but they said only they were allowed to do it ;)

The Starking Fire Sushi comes in three variants: Beef (P245+SC), Shrimp (P298+SC), and Tuna (P225+SC). You can have it medium rare or well done. I got to try all three and my favorite is medium rare tuna. Plus, I love how the rice is soft and sticky. I want to bring T here next time so he can try it. I'm sure he'll like it as well.

Here are the other dishes that I got to try:

Jap Chae (P195+SC)
A dish made of glass noodles, stir fried with various vegetables and beef in special soy sauce, and garnished with sesame seeds.

I'm not really fond of Jap Chae so I wouldn't know whether this is good or not. But judging from the reaction of the people in our table, this seems to be a good dish.

Chef's Noodle (P225+SC)
A signature dish comprised of beef broth base with Korean noodles, topped with leeks, bean sprouts, fried tofu, samsek, spring onion egg roll, and bulgogi.

The soup is a bit spicy and refilled for free upon request. I don't know if anyone else noticed but if you look closely, you can see that there's something stamped on the tofu. So interesting! I wonder what it says. Any Korean readers out there?

Cucumber Salad (P85+SC)
A salad composed of garden fresh cucumber tossed in Korean chili paste and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

I'm not really that adventurous when it comes to trying dishes, compared to my Dad and sister. But thanks to my brother's Korean wife, who stayed with us for a while, I got used to eating kimchi since she used to make tons of it at home. This dish reminded me of one of those appetizers she used to make and I like it because it's really spicy. One little bite and boom! And we even only got the "mild spicy" version. I wonder how spicy the "Korean spicy" version is.

Wanja Steak Jun (P298+SC)
Prime Korean burger steak seasoned with a medley of spices topped with slice cheese and fried egg. Served with teriyaki sauce to enhance its meaty flavor.

Ddukbokki Carbonara (P245+SC)
An Italian-inspired dish with an Asian twist, using soft and chewy Korean rice cake blended with creamy peppered mushroom sauce, combined with diced ham.

I was actually surprised to see carbonora in a Korean restaurant menu so I wanted to try it. I don't know if the noodles were still half-cooked when served to us but when I bit into one, it wasn't soft nor chewy. But I like the sauce because it's not overpowering like how some carbonara sauces are.

Leek Shrimp Twigim (P345+SC)
A Korean fusion dish of deep fried fresh leeks and shrimp in tempura batter.

This was only passed to us from another table so the serving is a lot bigger than this. They wanted us to try because they had mixed feelings about it but I actually liked it. I couldn't taste the shrimp as much but I like vegetable tempuras and this is similar to that, only with less batter.

Shrimp Twigim (P345+SC)
A Korean version of the famous tempura dish lightly coated with seasoned twigim butter mixed and fried. Served with onion rings and chef's tempura sauce.

Unfortunately, I had to leave for another event so I wasn't able to try any of the desserts.  Next time!  Thank you Chef's Noodle for having me.  I'll definitely come back so T can try your Starking Fire Sushi :)

Thumbs Up!
Offers unique dishes like the Starking Fire Sushi.
Authentic Korean food at affordable prices.

Thumbs Down!
It's not really a thumbs down but I noticed that dishes were labeled good for 3-4 persons but I think it's more of 1-2 person/s, maybe 3 if you ordered a lot of dishes. Or maybe I'm just matakaw ;)

I'm going back here with T so he can try the Starking Fire Sushi.

Chef's Noodle
Dining Date: 23 April 2014

Check out the rest of Chef Noodle's menu HERE

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Ground Floor
Robinson's Magnolia

Mobile No.: (0925) 870-7175

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  1. Hi Joei!

    Nice meeting you at this event! :) It's Patrick, one of the 2 guys from the other table (the only one who liked the leeks) haha

  2. PEPE. Hi! Yes, I remember :) Nice meeting you also! See you around!

  3. Huhuhu if only I went we could have met earlier!! :'(( I had second thoughts coz Rob Mag is sooooo far. I'm really really hoping we have that group date sooooon!! :-*

  4. Huhuhu if only I went we could have met earlier!! :'(( I had second thoughts coz Rob Mag is sooooo far. I'm really really hoping we have that group date sooooon!! :-*


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